Geology lab and field equipment

coring boat studentsHenry-SEM1

Our modern, well-equipped labs in the Jepson Science Center include petrographic microscopes, a scanning electron microscope (see photo at right), a magnetic susceptibility instrument, and many other instruments for geologic research.  In addition, our faculty and students  regularly work with analytical instruments (e.g. mass spectrometers, atomic emission spectrometers, etc.) in the Chemistry Department, also located in the Jepson Science Center.

We also possess a complete collection of geologic field equipment, including GPS instruments, surveying equipment, rock and soil coring drills, research boats, sediment coring devices (see photo above right), and an electronic  sub-bottom profiler.  Our newest research boat is shown below.


In 2019 our department moved into the new Jepson Addition, where we have fully-equipped labs for mineralogy, petrology, sedimentary geology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, environmental chemistry, as well as  student computer lab equipped with the latest GIS software. Visit our  Our classrooms, Labs, and Equipment for an overview of our department’s new building and its facilities.