For Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department!  We have the courses and majors to allow you to prepare for a wide range of exciting careers in industry, academia, government, and public service.  Select topics from the menus at left or read below for more information.


What are our majors?

We offer a B.S. in Environmental Science and Geology, with the following concentrations: Environmental Science – Natural Science and Social Science tracks, Geology, Environmental Geology, and a Minor in Environmental Sustainability. Curious what types of classes you will take in your first semester at UMW? Click here for an example schedule for Geology and Environmental Geology majors and here for Environmental Science majors. 


What can I do with one of these majors?

Our majors will prepare you for an exciting and meaningful career in industry, government, academia, and public service.  Our recent graduates agree.


Who are the faculty?

Our faculty are highly motivated to help you make the most of your university experience.  All are recognized experts in their fields, and are experienced educators who have your interests in mind.


Is real scientific research just for graduate students?

Not at UMW.  Undergraduate research opportunities are one thing that clearly distinguishes UMW from other universities. At the giant schools, graduate students perform the research, while undergraduates are often lost in the shuffle.  At UMW, enterprising students have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty advisor on a variety of independent research topics.  Work with faculty in ongoing research or come up with your own ideas.


What about our labs, classrooms, and equipment?

Our department is fortunate to be located in one of the newest and best equipped buildings on campus. Completed in 2019, the Jepson Science Center Addition contains modern classrooms and complete environmental, geological, geochemical, biological, and computer labs.  Our faculty and students have an array of environmental and geological field equipment, including a departmental research boat equipped with sampling, coring, and sub-bottom profiling capabilities.


Do you offer study abroad opportunities for adventurous students?

Yes!  We offer international study through specialized classes offered by our department’s faculty.  We also sponsor many students in semester-abroad study at colleges and universities around the world through UMW’s Center for International Education.


Would you like more information about our department?  Email our department chair, Dr. Jodie Hayob at


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