Why major in Economics?

ODE 2009

What You Will Learn

With an emphasis on writing, speaking, computing, quantitative methods, and other research skills, graduates of our program are equipped with a general education to lead productive lives in the twenty-first century.

Content Issues :
Exposure to Micro/Macro theory, Economic History, International Economics, Race & Gender Issues, Political Economy, Contemporary Issues.

Data Collection/Qualitative Data Analysis :
Ability to search out, find and collect macro and microeconomic data from standard data sources (both print and electronic), or to generate one’s own data; Ability to plot data, compute simple descriptive statistics and draw qualitative conclusions.

Statistical/Econometric Analysis :
Understanding of and facility with Hypothesis testing, Regression analysis, Time series analysis, Simulation/forecasting.

Computer Skills:
Ability to use a word processor, spreadsheet, statistical software, campus network & the internet.

Mathematics Skills:
Ability to use mathematical methods from algebra through calculus

Oral Competency:
Ability to ask questions, participate in discussion, give a presentation, respond to questions.

Writing Competency:
Ability to express in writing an opinion, a summary, a comparison/contrast, a synthesis, a critical commentary.