Why major in Economics or Applied Economics?

ODE 2009

What You Will Learn

With an emphasis on writing, speaking, computing, quantitative methods, and other research skills, graduates of our program are equipped with a general education to lead productive lives in the twenty-first century.

Content Issues:
Exposure to Micro/Macro theory, Economic History, International Economics, Race & Gender Issues, Political Economy, Contemporary Issues.

Data Collection/Qualitative Data Analysis:
Ability to search out, find and collect macro and microeconomic data from standard data sources (both print and electronic), or to generate one’s own data; Ability to plot data, compute simple descriptive statistics and draw qualitative conclusions.

Statistical/Econometric Analysis:
Understanding of and facility with Hypothesis testing, Regression analysis, Time series analysis, Simulation/forecasting.

Computer Skills:
Ability to use a word processor, spreadsheet, statistical software, campus network & the internet.

Mathematics Skills:
Ability to use mathematical methods from algebra through calculus

Oral Competency:
Ability to ask questions, participate in discussion, give a presentation, respond to questions.

Writing Competency:
Ability to express in writing an opinion, a summary, a comparison/contrast, a synthesis, a critical commentary.

Economics vs Applied Economics major:
The economics major includes both macro and micro theory and focuses on quantitative analysis and research methods through a 3-course sequence (ECON 300-361-462). Students interested in economic theory, macroeconomic analysis, international and developmental economics, monetary and fiscal policy, careers in government research and policy, or graduate study should complete the Economics major.

The applied economics major focuses on microeconomic analysis and its application to business and industry. The focus of the research methods in the Applied Economics major is on general statistical analysis and case studies. Students interested in microeconomic theory and the application of the economic way of thinking in business, the analysis of industries, and careers in business and business-related fields should complete the Applied Economics major.