The Economics library is located in the student lounge of the Econ House (Room B07), which is located in the basement. Students are free to use any books whenever the Econ House is open and can check the books out with the office manager. The library contains various economic subjects, ranging from investing, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, banking, game theory, economics history and econometrics.

The list of book titles and authors are as follows:

Economic behavior and institutions Thrainn Eggertsson
Economic behavior and institutions Thrainn Eggertsson
Second Nature: Economic Origins of Human Evolution Haim Ofek
Institutions and Social Order Karol Soltan
Eric M. Uslaner
Virginia Haufler
Capitalism and the Historians F. A. Hayek
T. S. Ashton
L. M. Hacker
W. H. Hutt
B. DeJouvenel
Comparing Economic Systems in the Twenty-First Century Paul R. Gregory
Robert C. Stuart
The Search for Community Power Willis D. Hawley
Frederick M. Wirt
Public Choice III Dennis C. Mueller
Fundamentals of Investments: Valuation and Management Bradford D. Jordan
Thomas W. Miller, Jr.
Exploring Microeconomics Robert L. Sexton
Microsoft Excel Student Edition Alan L. Eliason
Rob Krumm
An Excel Companion for Business Statistics David L. Eldredge
Test Bank to accompany Basic Statistics for Business and Economics Douglas A. Lind
Robert D. Mason
Lloyd Landau
Crunch Time Study Key Solutions and Notebook for use with Essential Statistics in Business & Economics David P. Doane
Lori E. Seward
Mary Elizabeth Camp
Sunrise over Fallujah Walter Dean Myers
The Economics of Inequality, Poverty, and Discrimination in the 21st Century: Volume I- Causes Robert S. Rycroft
The Economics of Inequality, Poverty, and Discrimination in the 21st Century: Volume II- Solutions Robert S. Rycroft
Economics of Strategy, 5th Edition David Besanko
David Dranove
Mark Shanley
Scott Schaefer
Fundamentals of Investing, 10th Edition Lawerence J. Gitman
Michael D. Joehnk
Investments, 5th Edition Frank K. Reilly
Edgar A. Norton
Financial Times: Mastering Investment: Your single-source guide to becoming a master of investment James Pickford
The Theory and Practice of International Financial Management Reid W. Click
Joshua D. Coval
Management of Investments, 3rd Edition Jack Clark Francis
New York Institute of Finance: How Mutual Funds Work Albert J. Fredman
Russ Wiles
Investment Science David G. Luenberger
Investment Concept, Analysis, Strategy, 5th Edition Robert C. Radcliffe
Fundamentals of Investing, 5th Edition Lawerence J. Gitman
Michael D. Joehnk
Contemporary Investments: Security and Portfolio Analysis, 2nd Edition Douglas Hearth
Janis K. Zaima
Fin Coach: Your Own Personalized Coach CD-ROM Puneet Handa
Omar Ahmad
Monster Walter Dean Myers
Handbook for College Research, 2nd Edition Robert Perrin
University of Mary Washington Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014
Getting Started Trading Options Michael T. Burke
Investments: A Visual Approach, Option Valuation and Option Tutor John O’Brien
Sanjay Srivastava
Investments: A Visual Approach, Modern Portfolio Theory and Capm Tutor John O’Brien
Sanjay Srivastava
Future Markets Daniel R. Siegel
Diane F. Siegel
Personal Portfolio Management: Fundamentals and Strategies George W. Trivoli
The Innovative Investor: Excel Version David C. Shimko
Dennis Foster
Matthew Will
Economics as a Social Science: An Evolutionary Approach Wendell Gordon
John Adams
The Informal Economy: Studies in Advanced and Less Developed Countries Alejandro Portes
Manuel Castells
Lauren A. Benton
Data Analysis For Politics and Policy Edward R. Tufte
Deforesting the Earth: From Prehistory to Global Crisis Michael Williams
Microeconomics: Theory and Applications, 2nd Edition Edwin Mansfield
The Urban Economy: An introduction to a current issue of public policy Harold M. Hochman
Economic development as an adaptive process: The green revolution in the Indian Punjab Richard H. Day
Inderjit Singh
Imperfect Competition and International Trade Gene M. Grossman
Macroeconomics: 3rd Edition Robert E. Hall
John B. Taylor
A CBO Study, February 1992: Effects of Adopting a Value-Added Tax US Congressional Budget Office
A CBO Study, August 1986: The Tax-Exempt Financing of Student Loans US Congressional Budget Office
Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam DVD
The State and the Market: Studies in Economic and Social History of the Third World Clive Dewey
The American Economic Review, June 2011, 100th Anniversary Various Authors
Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War Karl Marlantes
Brothers (& Me): A Memoir of Loving and Giving Donna Britt
Economics and Evolution: Bringing Life Back into Economics Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Economics Issues and the American Past Roger LeRoy Miller
Gary M. Walton
Robert L. Sexton
International Banking in Theory and Practice Yoon S. Park
Jack Zwick
EViews: Command and Programming Reference: Econometric Views for Windows and the Macintosh Various Authors
Trade Protection in the United States: 31 Case Studies Gary Clyde Hufbauer
Diane T. Berliner
Kimberly Ann Elliott
Dimensions of Macroecononmics: A Book of Readings S. Mittra
Notable Selections in Economics Belay Seyoum
Rebecca Abraham
Essentials of Investments, 4th Edition Zvi Bodie
Alex Kane
Alan J. Marcus
Investment Management: 2nd Edition Frank J. Fabozzi
International Economic Policy: Beyond the Trade and Debt Crisis John Charles Pool
Stephen C. Stamos, Jr.
Investments: Analysis and Management, 5th Edition Charles P. Jones
Investments, 6th Edition William F. Sharpe
Gordon J. Alexander
Jeffery V. Bailey
Investments: An Introduction, 8th Edition Herbert B. Mayo
Learning and Practicing Economics William E. Griffiths
R. Carter Hill
George G. Judge
Macroeconomic Theory: Basic Principles and Extensions, 6th Edition Walter Nicholson
A Guide to Econometrics, 3rd Edition Peter Kennedy
Elements of Econometrics, 2nd Edition Jan Kmenta
Economics 458: Theory of Property Rights Douglass North
John Drobak
Solutions Manual to Accompany Microeconomics Austan Goolsbee
Steven Levitt
Chad Syverson
Christos A. Loannou
Study Guide with Practice Problems to Accompany Microeconomics Austan Goolsbee
Steven Levitt
Chad Syverson
Constantin Ogloblin
Test Bank to Accompany Microeconomics Austan Goolsbee
Steven Levitt
Chad Syverson
David E. Kalist
Microeconomics Austan Goolsbee
Steven Levitt
Chad Syverson
Microeconomics Austan Goolsbee
Steven Levitt
Chad Syverson
The American Economic Review: June 2010, Volume 100, Number 3 Various Authors
The American Economic Review: February 2011, Volume 101, Number 1 Various Authors
The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the US Racial Wealth Divide Meizhu Lui
Barbara Robles
Betsy Leondar-Wright
Rose Brewer
Rebecca Adamson
Using Econometrics: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition A. H. Studenmund
Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach, 5th Edition Hal R. Varian
Microeconomic Theory Andrew Mas-Colell
Michael D. Whinston
Jerry R. Green
Econometric Analysis, 3rd Edition William H. Greene
A Course in Microeconomic Theory David M. Kress
Principles of Law and Economics Daniel H. Cole
Peter Z. Grossman
The Choice: A Fable of Free Trade and Proctionism, 3rd Edition Russell Roberts
Law and Economics, 4th Edition Robert Cooter
Thomas Wen
Games of Strategy, 3rd Edition Avinash Dixit
Susan Skeath
David H. Reiley Jr.
How to think like an Economist Roger A. Arnold
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Economic Issues, 12th Edition Frank J. Bonello
Communication for Development and Social Change Jan Servaes
Enterprising Nonprofits: A Toolkit for Entrepreneurs J. Gregory Dees
Jed Emerson
Peter Economy
Microfinance Distance Learning Course Heather Clark
Blaine Stephens
Annette Krauss
Adam Rogers
Financial Negotiations: Communicate with Confidence Various Authors
Bank Services: Know your Options: Trainer’s Guide Various Authors
Bank Services: Know your Options: Training of Trainers Manual Various Authors
Savings: You can do it: Trainer’s Guide Various Authors
Savings: You can do it: Training of Trainers Manual Various Authors
Assessing Outcomes of Financial Education: Working Paper #3 Various Authors
Journal of Economic Literature: Volume XLVII, #4, Dec 2009 Various Authors
New Frontiers in Economics Michael Szenberg
Lall Ramrattan
The Art of Persuasion: Skills for Everyone Readings Cato Institute
Resources, Rights and Cooperation: A Sourcebook on Property Rights and Collective Action for Sustainable Development Various Authors
Economics, Organization and Management Paul Milgram
John Roberts
New Ideas from Dead Economists: An Introduction to Modern Economic Thought Todd G. Buchholz
The Start-Up of You Reid Hoffman
Ben Casnocha
On Ethics and Economics Amartya Sen
Authoring Your Life Marcia B. Baxter Magolda
Development Economics Debraj Ray
Leading Issues in Economic Development Gerald M. Meier
James E. Rauch
Development Microeconomics Pranab Bardhan
Christopher Udry
Frontiers of Development Economics: The Future in Perspective Gerald M. Meier
Joseph E. Stiglitz
Introduction to Economic Growth: 2nd Edition Charles I. Jones
Economic Growth: 2nd Edition Robert J. Barro
Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Biography of A Subject: An Evolution of Department Economics Gerald M. Meier
The Economics of Public Issues: 10th Edition Roger LeRoy Miller
Daniel K. Benjamin
Douglass C. North
Economic Issues and Policy, 3rd Edition Jacqueline Murray Brux
The Economic Way of Thinking, 9th Edition Paul Heyne
The New World of Economics, 5ht Edition Richard B. McKenzie
Gordon Tullock
Reclaiming our Democracy Sam Daley-Harris
Can NGOs Make a Difference?: The Challenge of Development Opportunities Anthony J. Bebbington
Samuel Hickey
Diana C. Mitlin
Readings in Public Sector Economics Samuel Baker
Catherine Elliott
Perspectives on Public Choice: A Handbook Dennis C. Mueller
International Political Economy: Perspectives on Global Power and Wealth, 5th Edition Jeffery A. Frieden
David A. Lake
J. Lawerence Broz
Strategy: An Introduction to Game Theory, 3rd Edition Joel Watson
Law and Economics Jeffery L. Harrison
Jules Theeuwes
The Structure of Economics: A Mathematical Analysis Eugene Silberberg
Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics, 3rd Edition E. Alpha C. Chiang
Economics of Development, 6th Edition Dwight H. Perkins
Steven Radelet
David L. Lindaurer
The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty through Profits C.K. Prahalad
Moving out of Poverty: Success from the Bottom Up Deepa Narayan
Lant Pritchett
Soumya Kapoor
Household Decisions, Gender and Development: A Synthesis of Recent Research Agnes R. Quisumbing
A Billion Bootstraps: Microcredit, Barefoot Banking and the Business Solution for ending Poverty Phil Smith
Eric Thurman
Ending Global Poverty: A guide to what works Stephen C. Smith
Doing Development Research Vandana Desai
Robert B. Potter
Development Fieldwork: A Practical Guide Regina Scheyvens
Donovan Storey
Participatory Rural Appraisal: Principles, Methods and Applications N. Narayanasamy
Methods for Development Work and Research: A New Guide for Practitioners Britha Mikkelsen
A Guide for Everyday Economic Statistics Gary E. Clayton
Martin Gerhard Giesbrecht
Feny Guo
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in Development Organisations: Sharing, Training and Facilitation Experiences John De Coninck
Khilesh Chaturvedi
Ben Haagsma
Hans Griffioen
Mariecke VanDerGlas
The Road to Results: Designing and Conducting Effective Development Evaluations Linda G. Morralmas
Ray C. Rist
Economics Growth: 2nd Edition David N. Weil
Economic Development: 10th Edition Michael P. Todaro
Stephen C. Smith
Economics of Development: 7th Edition Dwight H. Perkins
Steven Radelet
David L. Lindaurer
Steven A. Block
Transforming Microfinance Institutions: Providing Full Financial Services to the Poor Joanna Ledgerwood
Victoria White
Freedom from Want Ian Smillie
What’s Wrong with Microfinance? Thomas Dichter
Malcom Harper
Profit For the Poor: Cases in Micro-finance Malcom Harper
Due Diligence: An Important inquiry into Microfinance David Roodman
The Economics of Microfinance Beatriz Armendariz de Aghion
Johnathan Morduen
The Economics of Microfinance, 2nd Edition Beatriz Armendariz de Aghion
Johnathan Morduen
Access for All: Building Inclusive Financial Systems Brigit Helms
Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic: How Microlending lost its Way and Betrayed the Poor Hugh Sinclair
Institutions, Transition Economies and Economic Development Timothy J. Yeager
Pathologies of Rational Choice Theory Donald P. Green
Ian Sharpiro
Development Planning: The Essentials of Economic Policy W. Arthur Lweis
Applying the Dismal Science: When Economists Give Advice to Governments Iain McLean
Colin Jennings
The Frontiers of the New Institutional Economics John N. Drobak
John V. C. Nye
Economics and Institutions Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Individual Strategy and Social Structure H. Peyton Young
Case Studies in Contracting and Organization Scott E. Masten
Issues in American Economic History Roger LeRoy Miller
Robert L. Sexton
Development Studies Jeffery Haynes
Analytic Margaret Lvi
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal
Barry R. Weingast
Robert H. Bates
Avner Greif