English & Linguistics Students Pursue Individual Studies and Internships in Fall 2021 Semester

This semester, English and Linguistics students continue to pursue high impact learning opportunities through independent studies and internships.

Each semester and in summer, the Department of English and Linguistics offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to take individual studies in highly specialized courses that are designed by students in close collaboration with sponsoring faculty.

Throughout the year, the Department supports juniors and seniors pursuing professional practice and learning opportunities through internships.


Individual Studies, with faculty sponsors :

Kira Frazee, ENGL 491: Queer Children’s Literature with Professor Richards

Vanessa Fickes, ENGL 491: O’Connor and Christianity with Professor Richards

Summer Reardon, ENGL 491: Creating a Graphic Novel with Professor Whalen

Michael Campbell, LING 491: Italian Phonology with Professor Fallon

Matthew Nelson, LING 491: History of Latin with Professor Fallon


Internships, with faculty sponsors :

Brittany Cole is interning at the Food Co-Op Initiative and working with Professor Mathur

Haley Schnitzer is interning at the UMW Hillel Center and working with Professor Levin


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