Current Internships and Individual Studies


Students are gaining valuable professional practice in various internships and completing advanced undergraduate research through individual studies! 

Each semester and in summer, the Department of English and Linguistics offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to take individual studies in highly specialized courses that are designed by students in close collaboration with sponsoring faculty.

Professor Lee sits at a desk and talks with a student across from the desk and who holds a printout.

Professor Janie Lee meets with a student.

Spring 2022

Individual Studies, with faculty sponsors :

Jessica Morin, ENGL 491: Grotesque Women in Dorothy Allison’s Works — Dr. Richards
Leigh Hatton, ENGL 491: Public Health in Literature — Dr. McAllister
Hannah Harris, ENGL 491: Entropy in Victorian Literature — Dr. Lorentzen
Alexis Huber, ENGL 491: The Ruins of Memory — Dr. Levy
Effy Edwards, LING 491: Historical Linguistics — Dr. Fallon
Cosmy Pellis, ENGL 491: Writing to the Dead: Archival Exploration and Creative Response– Dr. Bylenok
Katia Savelyeva, HONR 491: Little Women, Little Houses: Gender, Nationhood, and Liminality in Louisa May Alcott and Laura Ingalls Wilder — Dr. Scanlon

Fall 2021

Individual Studies, with faculty sponsors :

Kira Frazee, ENGL 491: Queer Children’s Literature with Professor Richards

Vanessa Fickes, ENGL 491: O’Connor and Christianity with Professor Richards

Summer Reardon, ENGL 491: Creating a Graphic Novel with Professor Whalen

Michael Campbell, LING 491: Italian Phonology with Professor Fallon

Matthew Nelson, LING 491: History of Latin with Professor Fallon


Internships, with faculty sponsors :

Brittany Cole is interning at the Food Co-Op Initiative and working with Professor Mathur

Haley Schnitzer is interning at the UMW Hillel Center and working with Professor Levin


Spring 2021

Individual Studies, with faculty sponsors :

Emma C. Atkinson:  Songs of the Fall with Professor Kennedy

Katherine Cavallaro: Revising the Horror Novella with Professor Levy

Rachel Cooper: Literature of Female Athletes with Professor Levin

Desmond Davis: Dystopian Literature and Media with Professor Haffey

Piper Giannini: Creative Writing in 3 Mediums with Professor Whalen

Lauren C. Magee: Fantasy Outlining & Research with Professor Levy

Tamara Omer: Music Culture and Journalism with Professor Subramanian

Sarah J. Sechtman: Novella Revision-Publication with Professor Levy

Alexandra Slaughter: The Pensieve Podcast with Professor Whalen

Emma Snyder: NT-USA: An Interactive Fiction with Professor Whalen

Mary Cheney LING 491 Baby Names Across Generations with Professor Lee

Elizabeth Kelly: Language & Alzheimer’s Disease with Professor Parker


Internships, with faculty sponsors :

Victoria Perckerke is interning at Campus Recreation and working with Professor Tweedy

Katherine Seltzer is interning at RVA Magazine and working with Professor Subramanian

Claudia Woods is interning at Rappahannock Council against Sexual Assault and working with Professor Scanlon



Fall 2020

Individual Studies, with faculty sponsors :

Kelly Donaghey:  Computing Narratives: Computer-Assisted Fiction Writing with Professor Zach Whalen

Emma Snyder: Dimensions of the DSM with Professor Ray Levy

Rebecca Young: Disability Representation in Children’s Literature and Elementary Education with Professor Chris Foss

Chloe Datner:  Gossip and Gender with Professor Janie Lee



Summer 2020

Internships, with faculty sponsors :

* Rachel Marshner is interning at Brink’s Money in Richmond and working with Professor Elizabeth Johnson-Young for COMM 499 credit.
* Francis Nierman is interning at Capital Caring Health and working with Professor Elizabeth Johnson-Young for COMM 499 credit.
* Kenna Grace Pak is interning at The Air Conditioning Contractors of America and working with Professor Emily Crosby for COMM 499 credit.
* Ella Krygiel is interning at Keep Fit Kingdom and working with Professor Gary Richards for ENGL 499 credit.
* Dylan Lassiter is interning at Alien Attorney and working with Professor Ben LaBreche for ENGL 499 credit.


Spring 2020

Individual Studies, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Communication and Digital Studies

Jennifer Hill (COMM 491): Underground Mary Washington (Professor Whalen)

Megan Marzzacco (COMM 491): Digital Writing and Design  (Professor Blevins)

Daniel Pan (COMM 491): Barriers to Implementing Educational Technology Tools in Higher Education  (Professor Blevins)



Jesusina Abankwa (ENGL 491): Ghanaian Folklore  (Professor Levy)

Krista Beucler (ENGL 491): Intro to the Publication Industry (Professor Rochelle)

Julia Manuel (ENGL 491): Novella Writing and Revising (Professor Levy)

Isobel Rissing (ENGL 491): Race and Disability in Lit (Professor Tweedy)

Katelyn Wolfgang (ENGL 491): Educational Digital Studies and the Graphic Novel (Professor Whalen)

Claudia Woods (ENGL 491): James Baldwin: Rethinking Race (Professor Tweedy)



Mackenzie King (LING 491): Language and Dyslexia (Professor Parker)


Internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Communication and Digital Studies

Cameron Ashley (COMM 499): UMW Campus Recreation (Professor Whalen)

Marcel Barrett (COMM 499): Fastsigns of Stafford (Professor Johnson-Young)

Idrissa Barrie (COMM 499): HRTec (Professor Whalen)

Danielle Beard (COMM 499): UMW Campus Recreation (Professor Whalen)

Luke Bergstrom (COMM 499): Talium Advisors (Professor Blevins)

Katelyn Colombrito (COMM 499): UMW University Center (Professor Rao)

Ashley Duke (COMM 499): ChikFilA (Professor Johnson-Young)

Patrick Fairfield (COMM 499): Downtown Greens (Professor Whalen)

Jamie Fedock (COMM 499): CBS Channel 6 News (Professor Whalen)

Ashley Fuqua (COMM 499): TechINT (Professor Blevins)

Tristan Johnson (COMM 499): ELC Social Media (Professor Richards)

Emily McPhee (COMM 499): UMW Summer Enrichment Program (Professor Crosby)

Brielle Mitchell (COMM 499): Ekko Title (Professor Rao)

Savannah Lascola (COMM 499): Hazel Hill Resident Services (Professor Fallon)



Shannon Baxter (ENGL 499): ELC Social Media (Professor Richards)

Hershelle Clark (ENGL 499): Autism Learners (Professor Tweedy)

Chloe Datner (ENGL 499): ELC Social Media (Professor Richards)

Sierra Heiderman (ENGL 499): ELC Social Media (Professor Richards)

Daniel Hur (ENGL 499): ELC Social Media (Professor Richards)

Amber Zipfel (ENGL 499): UMW President’s Council on Wellness (Professor Mathur)



Fall 2019

Isabelle Attard (COMM 499): C21 Redwood Realty LLC (Professor Stommel)

Marcel Barrett (COMM 499): Fast Signs of Stafford (Professor Johnson-Young)

Kaylie Benson (COMM 499): UMW Center for International (Professor Rao)

Mandy Byrd (COMM 499): UMW Office of Advancement (Professor Blevins)

Katelyn Colombrito (COMM 499): UMW Women’s Leadership Colloquium (Professor Blevins)

Ashley Duke (COMM 499): State Senator Richard Stuart (Professor Johnson-Young)

Madison Garrett (COMM 499): Center for Faith and Leadership (Professor Johnson-Young)

Reannon Mounie (COMM 499): StartUp UMW (Professor Whalen)

Matthew Sanders (COMM 499): UMW University Relations (Professor Whalen)

Joseph Sebesky (COMM 499): Greater Manassas Volunteer Rescue Squad (Professor Johnson-Young)

Mckayla Washington (COMM 499): WW Inc. (Professor Whalen)


Jenna Johnson (ENGL 499): UMW Writing Center (Professor Hale)

Morgan Ryan (ENGL 499): Lord Fairfax Community College (Professor Tweedy)

Emily Shumaker (ENGL 499): Center for Faith and Leadership (Professor Subramanian)

James Vaughan (ENGL 499):  Central Rappahannock Regional Library (Professor Rochelle)



Summer 2019

Individual Studies, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Kristen “Kit” Lewers ENGL 491: Nature Writing in Yellowstone (Levin)


Internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Jenna Banwarth (COMM 499): K12, Inc. (Professor Blevins)

Jena Calvitti (COMM 499): Oasis Systems, LLC (Professor Rao)

Madison Garrett (COMM 499): United Methodist Virginia Conference Calling 21

Cara Ghaphery (COMM 499): Virginia Amateur Sports (Professor Blevins)

Gabriella Lopez (COMM 499): Sothrive (Professor Rao)

Siobhan O’Connor (COMM 499): Dream Town Reality (Professor Johnson-Young)

Aaron Shifflett (COMM 499): James Madison Museum (Professor Blevins)

Chris Hanbury (ENGL 499): PotomacWave (Professor Kennedy)


Spring 2019

Individual Studies, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Milen Mehari, COMM 491, Communication and Digital Studies Video Project, (Burtis),

Christopher Ringham, COMM 491, Communication and Digital Studies Design Journal, (Burtis)

Jordan Vernon, COMM 491, Communication and Digital Studies Videogame Culture, (Whalen)


Renee Brittigan, ENGL 491, Fantasy Nobel, (Rochelle)

Elizabeth Byrd, ENGL 491, Cataloging the CLR , (Whalen)

Leise Crandall, ENGL 491, Tennessee Williams: Late Works, (Richards)

Michael Davisson, ENGL 491, Media Archaeology, (Whalen)

Hannah Gautsch, ENGL 491, Queer Caribbean Literatures, (Haffey & Dasgupta)

Rachel Kirkland, ENGL 491, Horror Fiction , (Rochelle)

Olivia Lehman, ENGL 491, Poetics, Politics, and Revolution, (Bylenok)

Maria Joy Lopes, ENGL 491, The Works of C.S. Lewis , (Kennedy)

Milen Mehari, ENGL 491, African Women Literature, (Tweedy)

Ryan Shircliff, ENGL 491, Censorship and Video Games, (Whalen)

Claire Smallwood, ENGL 491, Video Game Creation, (Whalen)

Sarah Stephen, ENGL 491, Flash Fiction, (Rafferty)

Laura Taylor, ENGL 491, Psychological Journalism, (Subramanian)

Madison Winters, ENGL 491, Video Game Creation, (Whalen)


Lindsey Kowaki, LING 491, Institutional Discourse, (Parker)


Internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Zane Burk, COMM 499, Disney College Program, (Rao)

Haley Denehy, COMM 499, Disney College Program, (Blevins)

Patrick Fairfield, COMM 499, UMW Center for Economic Development, (Whalen)

Kyle Faulconer, COMM 499, Express Technologies, (Richards)

Jamie Fedock, COMM 499, Fredericksburg SPCA, (Whalen)

Michael Gilchrist, COMM 499, Larry Davies (Bible Studies Development), (Rao)

Alicen Hackney, COMM 499, RVA Magazine, (Subramanian)

Richelle Holnick, COMM 499, UMW Center for International Education, (Whalen)

Effie Kalulu, COMM 499, UMW James Farmer Multicultural Center, (Richards)

Emily Kaser, COMM 499, UMW Residence Life, (Rao)

Megan Liberty, COMM 499, Fredericksburg Academy, (Rao)

Lauren MacWha, COMM 499, UMW Communication, (Johnson-Young)

Taylor Malone, COMM 499, UMW Giving Day, (Rao)

Faith Martino, COMM 499, Spectrum Autism Services, (Rao)

Kyle Pfohl, COMM 499, Global Dimensions, (Whalen)

Rebecca Soto Bradford COMM 499, UMW Communication, (Blevins)

Ellie Whatley, COMM 499, Wedding Lily Events, (Whalen)

Christopher White, COMM 499, In-Power-Coaching, (Rao)

Elisabeth DellaRova, ENGL 499, Downtown Greens, (Mathur)

Amani Redic, ENGL 499, UMW Writing Center, (Hale)

Ryan Shircliff, ENGL 499, UMW Center for International Education, (Richards)

Kylie Tejera, ENGL 499, Gardner & Burks, P.C., (Kennedy)



Spring 2018

ELC Individual Studies, with faculty advisers in parentheses:

Grace Foust,  ENGL 491      Jane Austen Fan Fiction (McAllister)

Sophia Geron, ENGL 491      COPLAC: Banned Books (Whalen)

Jennifer Hellier, ENGL 491      The Elite: Start of a Series (Rochelle)

Ester Salguero, ENGL 491      Investigative Journalism  (Subramanian)

Karina Schumm,  ENGL 491      COPLAC: Banned Books (Whalen)

Sydney Schwaiger, ENGL 491      The Queer Hero (Rochelle)

Kyrstiane Urbaniak, ENGL 491      A Study in the Novella  (Pineda)

Abigail Whittington, ENGL 491      COPLAC: Fashion and Identity (Whalen)

Trevor Young,  ENGL 491      Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene   (LaBreche)

Christina Bloom, LING 491       Dyslexia: Language and Speech (Parker)

Emma Baumgardner, COMM 491   CDS Video Project (Rao)

Christina Brown, COMM 491   CDS Video Project (Rao)

Stefanie Chae, COMM 491  Music Video Production (Shaffer)

Erica Chandler, COMM 491 CDS Video Project (Rao)

Michaela Daye, COMM 491    Leadership Communication (Johnson-Young)

Kelly Emmrich, COMM 491 CDS Video Project (Rao)

Lindsey McCuistion,COMM 491    Queering It Up: Embracing  Diversity in Comics Publishing (Whalen)

Ahad Shahid, COMM 491   CDS Video Project (Rao)

Olivia Taylor, COMM 491   CDS Video Project (Rao)


Internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:



Christine Houchins, ENGL 499      Germanna CC  Tutoring (Lorentzen)

Maria “Joy” Lopes, ENGL 499      Germanna CC  Tutoring   (Kennedy)

Abigail Nibblett, ENGL 499      Creative Media Agency, Inc.  (Bylenok)

Ester Salguero, ENGL 499      UMW University Relations (Subramanian)

Karina Schumm, ENGL 499      UMW University Relations (Rochelle)

Savannah Steblein, ENGL 499      Tree Fredericksburg  (McAllister)

Kelsey Welsh, ENGL 499      New York Minute Magazine (Subramanian)

Kelsey Welsh,  ENGL 499      360 Magazine (Subramanian)

Janelle Behm, COMM 499    Friends of the Rappahannock  (Rao)

Allison Bunting, COMM 499    Flair Communication  (Skallerup Bessette)

Erica Chandler, COMM 499    Fredericksburg Academy (Rao)

Aranzazu Dorival, COMM 499    American Cowboy Lifestyle (Rao)

Ashley Edwards, COMM 499    UMW Undergraduate Admissions (Rao)

Emily Kaser, COMM 499    UMW Undergraduate Admissions   (Rao)

Kiley Kessler, COMM 499    UMW Undergraduate Admissions     (Rao)

Christiana Meyers, COMM 499    UMW Undergraduate Admissions   (Rao)

Robert O’Donnell,  COMM 499    UMW Office of Disability Resources (Rao)

Nancy Pham, COMM 499    UMW Athletics (Rao)

Jasmine Pineda, COMM 499    UMW Undergraduate Admissions    (Rao)

Bao Randrianarivelo, COMM 499    UMW Hurley Convergence Center    (Rao)

Alexis Ricks,  COMM 499    Home Team Grill-Fredericksburg   (Rao)

Eric Shaw, COMM 499    Narenj Tree Foundation (Whalen)

Nelia-Sol White, COMM 499    UMW University Relations (Whalen)




Fall 2017

Individual Studies, with faculty advisers in parentheses:

Elaina Finkelstein, COMM 491    Communication Coordinating  (Burtis)

Olivia Jokic Breler, COMM 491    Girl Power, Friend or Foe?  (Whalen)

Thomas Lanier, COMM 491    Comics and Culture (Whalen)

Zachary Caldwell, ENGL 491      Shakespeare and Modern American Lit  (Mathur)

Emily Daly, ENGL 491      Representations of Sylvia Plath (Scanlon)

Bethany Johansen, ENGL 491      Advanced Screenwriting  (Stommel)

Catherine Lambert, ENGL 491      Mansfield and Woolf  (Haffey)

Dorian Peele, ENGL 491      Making a Coming Book  (Whalen)

Madalyn Rymer, ENGL 491      Dual Narratives in Creative  Nonfiction  (Rafferty)


Internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Christine Ayad, COMM 499    Middle East Institute  (Rao)

Patricia Cole, COMM 499    38 Plank (Rao)

Elaine Finkelstein, COMM 499    ABC7 News (Rao)

Thomas Lanier,  COMM 499    Stafford Regional Handbell Society (Rao)

Megan Liberty, COMM 499    UMW University Faculty Council (Rao)

Marcus Mitra, COMM 499    UMW Athletic Department (Rao)

Heather Moseley, COMM 499    Fredericksburg Police Department (Rao)

Susana Nogueira, COMM 499    Morais Vineyards and Winery (Richards)

Ahad Shahid, COMM 499    UMW FSEM Program (Rao)

Richard Abel, ENGL 499      Young Americans for Liberty (Foss)

Aaron Brintzenhofe, ENGL 499      Germanna CC  Tutoring Services (Kennedy)

Victor Catlett Jr., ENGL 499      Democratic Campaign Headquarters  (Kennedy)

Nicole Rivard, ENGL 499      Creative Media Agency, Inc. (Pineda)

Ester Salguero, ENGL 499      UMW University Relations (Subramanian)

Summer 2017

Internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Emily Daly (English): The Center for Faith and Leadership/Fresh Expressions US (Professor Foss)

Sarah Davies (English: CW): Parvus Press (Professor Pineda)

Alaina Archie (CDS): Seacrest Studios at Children’s National Medical Center (Professor Richards)

Caty-Scarlett Coleman (CDS): Virginia Organizing (Professor Rao)

Brooke Frazier (CDS): ManTech (Professor Rao)

Cierra McKinney (CDS): Virginia Growler Company (Professor Rao)

Madison Thorpe (CDS): Mary Washington Health Care (Professor Rao)

Susan Townsend (CDS): American Historical Association (Professor Richards)

Spring 2017

Individual Studies, with faculty advisers in parentheses:

Dominque Giles, “Making Strange: Constructing Identities and Making Our Surroundings  (Dr. Whalen)

Hannah Lucia Bratton, “Discourse of Sexual Assault”   (Dr. Parker)

Alexander Clegg, “Religion in the Media in Georgia”  (Dr. Johnson-Young)

Josh Guidon, “Religion in the Media in Georgia”  (Dr. Johnson-Young)

Katherine Barth, “Ecofeminism in Twentieth-Century American Literature: Nature, Culture, and the Feminine Role”  (Professor Pineda)

Claire Everett, “Gender and Sexuality in T. S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf” (Dr.  Scanlon)

Ryan Brady, “Sexuality and Religion in  American Literature (1927-2003)”  (Dr.  Richards)

Grant Raycroft, “The Dark Age of Comics”  (Dr. Whalen)

Alex Spence, “Digital Creative Writing”   (Dr. Whalen)

Jennifer DeSteph, “Morality in Batman Comics”   (Dr. Tweedy)

Meredith Fierro, “Introduction to Domain of One’s  Own”  (Professor Burtis)

Sarah E. Foster, “The Writing Path to Healing”  (Dr. Rochelle)

Jennifer Hedgpeth, “Contemporary Holocaust Narratives”  (Dr. Tweedy)

Andrew Boswell, “Console Living Room”   (Dr. Whalen)

Elizabeth Brantley, “Console Living Room”  (Dr. Whalen)

Mary Clark, “Console Living Room”  (Dr. Whalen)

Caroline Malec, “Console Living Room”  (Dr. Whalen)

Morgan Moncrief, “Console Living Room”  (Dr. Whalen)

Jonathon Myers, “Console Living Room”  (Dr. Whalen)

Della Brooke Preas, “Console Living Room”  (Dr. Whalen)

Amber Stitt, “Console Living Room”  (Dr. Whalen)

Paige Voccio, “Console Living Room”  (Dr. Whalen)

Greg Willett, “Practicum: Fiction Portfolio” (Professor Pineda)


Internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Nelson Caballero Bran       Best Buy Inc., Geek Squad   (Dr. Rao)

Rachel Christian          Full Frontal with Samantha Bee  (Dr. Whalen)

Gabrielle Christie        Sunrise for All, Inc.  (Dr. Whalen)

Ashleigh Duque          Virginia Railway Express  (Dr. Whalen)

Meredith Fierro           Reclaim Hosting L.L.C.  (Dr. Whalen)

Faith Martino              The Center for Faith and Leadership  (Dr. Johnson-Young)

Faith Martino              IST Research Corp. (Dr. Ohl)

Yousef Nasser             Synthesis Multimedia Productions   (Dr. Johnson-Young)

Malia Rogers               Kalani Consulting, Inc. (Dr. Rao)

Heather Slota             Peacaloo Boutique  (Dr. Rao)

Elizabeth Tellez           Keep Prince William Beautiful  (Dr. Ohl)

Debra Wilson              Full Page Multimedia Inc.   (Dr. Rao)

Anna-Marie Collins     Creative Media Agency, Inc. (Dr. McAllister)

Madison Lemelin        IPD Systems  (Dr. Whalen)

Kathryn Smucker        UMW Athletic Department  (Dr. Scanlon)

Michael Barnes          UMW Athletic Department  (Dr. Ohl)

Dallas Tarkenton       UMW Athletic Department (Dr. Rao)


Fall 2016

Individual Studies, with faculty advisers in parentheses:

Alexander Clegg, Religion in Media in the Republic of Georgia   (Dr. Johnson-Young)

Corey Filiault, Environmental Communication in Action       (Dr.  Rao)

Stratton Gilmore, Communication in Coaching         (Dr.  Ohl)

John Guidon, Religion in Media in the Republic of Georgia        (Dr. Johnson-Young)

Sharla M. B. Hargis, Technology Portrayed in Horror Films          (Dr. Johnson-Young)

David Hart, Tweeting Presidential       (Dr. Ohl)

Christa Snyder, Webcomics      (Dr. Whalen)

Gunnar Gardner, This Dear Land: Tolkien & England     (Dr. Rochelle)

Isabel Sobie, Graphic Memoir      (Dr. Whalen)

Mona Ali, Analysis of Aphasics’ Language       (Dr. Parker)

Helen Frey, Reconstructing Chinese    (Dr. Fallon)

Victoria Triska, Articulation and Phonological Disorder        (Dr. Fallon)

Internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses:

Victoria Johnson, PWCPS Enterprise Elementary School     (Dr. Richards)

Stefanie Chae, Faculty Senate of Virginia        (Dr. Johnson-Young)

Brian Goulet, Common Ground Christian Church    (Dr. Rao)

Katherine E. Wolfe, Cedar Creek Enterprises, Inc.        (Dr. Johnson-Young)

Andrew Burlingame, Common Ground Christian Church    (Dr. Fallon

Dylan K. Drury,  Lee Street Artists Collective, LLC     (Dr. Richards)

Molly Garthwaite, UMW Writing Center        (Dr. Hale)

Gracyn Hill, UMW Writing Center    (Dr. Hale)

Spring 2016

(with faculty advisers in parentheses)

Patrick Boyle     Film Promotion Analysis  (Dr. Rao)

Caroline Cerand, Social Media Marketing     (Dr. Rao)

Ana-Maria Hecton, The Process of Othering    (Dr. Ohl)

Jeff Lundberg, Digital Media Productions      (Dr. Rao)

Catalina M. Ruiz de Gamboa, Social media & Celebrity     (Dr. Rao)

Ray Celeste Tanner,  Student Affairs & Social Media      (Dr. Rao)

Ryland Willis, Politics & Social Media     (Dr. Rao)

Kaitlyn Berube,  Pedagogy and Gender   (Dr.  Lorentzen)

Emily Bostaph, Our Cross to Bear     (Dr. Whalen)

Rachel Ewalt, Ecocriticism       (Dr. Levin)

Christopher Griffiths, Digital Synthesis     (Dr. Whalen)

Juliane Kim, Lord of the Rings:Postcolonial           (Dr.  Dasgupta)

Miranda Schnackenberg, Victorian Horror Adaptations       (Dr.  Barrenechea)

Andrea Stegman, Acting in Film History        (Dr.  Barrenechea)

Joshua Lutz, Proto-Indo-European Language         (Dr.  Fallon)


Fall 2015

Individual Studies (with faculty advisers in parentheses)

Jason Dunne, “Writing Historical Fantasy” (Professor Warren Rochelle)

Kathryn Hall, “Childhood and/in Literature” (Professor Mara Scanlon)

Kara A. Smith, “Paranormal Fiction” (Professor Warren Rochelle)

Bailey Meeks, “A Study of H.D. and Bisexuality,” ENGL/WGST (Professor Mara Scanlon)


Emily Hollingsworth, Free Lance-Star

Ashley Spence, UMW University Relations and Communications


Spring 2015

Individual Studies (with faculty advisers in parentheses)

Christina Pellegrino:  Study of Food Marketing (Anand Rao)

Travis MacEwen: Rhetoric of the Ownership of the Dallas Cowboys  (Anand Rao)

Courtney Rampey: 20th-Century Dystopian Literature (Kate Haffey)

Margaret Stough: Teaching Through Transmedia (Zach Whalen)

Claire Winkler: Gender in Children’s and Young Adult Literature (Mara Scanlon)

Amandelynn Bethune: Black Women in African-American Literature (Danny Tweedy)

Aubrey Kennedy: Why Ask Students to Write?  (Mary Rigsby)

Amanda Halprin: QEP Module Development (Zach Whalen)

James Dawson : QEP Module Development (Zach Whalen)

Stephen Rechter: QEP Module Development (Zach Whalen)

Brittany Brown: QEP Module Development (Zach Whalen)

Lisa Johnson: Gender Representations in Upper Elementary Children’s Literature (Mary Rigsby)

Ciara Peacock: Cinema and Society (Antonio Barrenechea)

Rebecca Moses: Storytelling in Game Development (Zach Whalen)

Mariah Young: Political Speech Writing (Jessy Ohl)


Internships (with faculty mentors in parentheses)

Travis MacEwen, UMW Sports Information (Tim O’Donnell)

Sabia Prescott, Digital Communications with University Relations (Paul Fallon)

Hope Racine, Rappahannock Magazine (Mary Rigsby)

Katherine Redmiles, Free Lance-Star (Marie McAllister)

Alison Thoet, The Hill newspaper (Mara Scanlon)

Emma White, Community Development and Admissions Office, Richmond Waldorf School (Antonio Barrenechea)

Mariah Young, Thorn Run Partners (Tim O’Donnell)



Fall 2014

The individual studies, with faculty mentors in parentheses, are:

Sara Akbari: True Crime Narratives (Colin Rafferty)

Ciara Peacock: Documentary Filmmaking (Anand Rao)

Glenn Grigsby: Economics in Literature

Matthew Seaver: Morphological Blends (Paul Fallon)

Moira McAvoy: Slang and Queerness (Janie Lee)


The internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses, are:

Mary Honard:  Lafayette Upper Elementary School (Judith Parker)

Samantha James: The Happy Tomato, LLC  (Teresa Kennedy)

Nephthalie Lauture: The Free-Lance Star (Danny Tweedy)

Cristina Pellegrino: UMW Office of University Relations (Anand Rao)

Jessica Perez: Tutoring Service, Germanna Community College  (Gwen Hale)

Jonathan Polson: UMW Office of University Relations (Anand Rao)

Katie Regan: Deedod Inc.  (Jon Pineda)

Matthew Seaver: Hugh Mercer Elementary School (Judith Parker)

Alison Tantillo: Fauquier High School (Chris Foss)

Julia Wahlstrom: Fauquier High School (Chris Foss)

Spring 2014

Individual Studies:

Patrick Crosmun, Fictional Race in Fantasy RPGs (Zach Whalen)

Amber May, Crunchtastic: An Audio Drama (Zach Whalen)

Russell Michelson,  Authentic Public Speaking (Anand Rao)

Molly Pardoe, Comm Branding Strategy (Anand Rao)

Matthew Seaver, Introduction to Syntax (Zacharski)

Hannah Straton, Creative Writing: Book Proposal (Colin Rafferty)

Leigh Ann Williams, Social Media Activism #Syria (Anand Rao)



Brittany Brown, Accolade Security Network (Anand Rao)

Jack Eaton, UMW Admissions Office (Anand Rao)

RaeAna Eiley, Hugh Mercer Elementary (Judith Parker)

Christopher Heizer,  Senate of Virginia (Gwen Hale)

Aubrey Kennedy, UMW Summer Enrichment Program (Terry Kennedy)

Katelyn Leboff, Free Lance-Star (Gary Richards)

Molly Pardoe, Mary Washington Healthcare (Anand Rao)

Hope Racine, Free Lance-Star (Gary Richards)

Erica Rodriguez, American Canoe Association (Gary Richards)

Nathan Slater, UMW Writing Center (Gwen Hale)

Leigh Ann Williams, Fortique LLC (Anand Rao)

Kaylee Wilsker, UMW University Relations (Zach Whalen)

Fall 2013…

The internships, with faculty sponsors in parentheses, were:

Katharine Appel at the UMW Writing Center (Gwen Hale)

Kimmie Barkley at the UMW Office of Media and Public Relations (Anand Rao)

Brittany Brown at Aspetto Inc (Anand Rao)

Hayley Eckhardt at National Geographic Society (Gary Richards)

Dana Hinden at Ava Laurenne Bride (Danny Tweedy)

Alice O’Brien at Livesay & Myers, PC (Marie McAllister)

Lauren Olsen at Elle Magazine (Warren Rochelle)

Alison Thoet at the Free Lance-Star (Gary Richards)

Regina Weiss at UMW University Relations (Danny Tweedy)

Leigh Ann Williams at Fortique (Anand Rao)


The individual studies, with faculty mentors in parentheses, are:

Kiersten Anderson, “Female Interaction” (Janie Lee)

Jeanne Converse, “ELC Webpage Featured Articles” (Mara Scanlon)

Sarah Cook, “Processes of Writing” (Gwen Hale)

Elisa Fuhrken, “Elizabeth Stuart Phelps” (Mary Rigsby)

Will McCarry, “Masculinity, Maturity, Memoir” (Elizabeth Wade)

Tess McClellan, “Horror Fiction” (Warren Rochelle)

Alison Stevens, “Education in Jane Austen” (Eric Lorentzen)

Eric Turner, “Old English Poetry Translation” (Paul Fallon)

Benjamin Wrightson, “Mobility in Culture” (Zach Whalen)