Independent Study and Honors Research

The Department encourages qualified students to pursue individual study and research under the supervision of a faculty member. Undergraduate Research (URES 197) is a course in which students conduct individual or group research as part of a faculty member’s research project. Please see the following website for more details on URES 197

Chemistry 491, Individual Study, involves more independent design and control of the research project than URES 197. CHEM 491 may be taken for 1-4 credits per semester, generally in the junior or senior year. Click the following links to view a syllabus for independent_study and a copy of the research contract 491 .

Honors in Chemistry

Students who have achieved an overall 3.00 GPA with a 3.25 GPA in chemistry courses may pursue Honors in chemistry. To be awarded Honors, a student must complete an independent research project and defend a thesis. Students accepted for the Honors program enroll in Chemistry 491 for four (4) credits in each semester of the senior year. To view a copy of the honors policy, click here.