Janet A. Asperjasper-99x133

Career Advisor

Jepson 335
(540) 654-1143
jasper [at] umw.edu

B.S. Ohio University; Ph.D. University of PittsburghCourses
Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Experimental Methods in Chemistry, Seminar, FSEM

Research Interests
Bioorganic chemistry, organic methodology

Raymond B. ScottScott-Ray11-99x133

Director, Eagle Pipe Band

Jepson 336
(540) 654-1409
rscott [at] umw.edu

B.A., Hartwick College; MS, Ph.D., University of CincinnatiCourses
Foundations of Chemistry, General Chemistry, Chemical Analysis

Research Interests
Electrochemical systems, modified electrodes, environmental systems

Charles M. SharplessC Sharpless

Department Chair

Jepson 341
(540) 654-1405
csharple [at] umw.edu

B.A., The Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. Duke UniversityCourses
General Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Chemical Analysis

Research Interests
Photochemistry in natural and engineered systems, chemistry of humic substances, environmental analysis, fate and remediation of anthropogenic pollutants

Kelli M. Sluntkslunt-99x133 Director, UMW
Honors ProgramJepson 347
(540) 654-1406
kslunt [at] umw.edu
B.S., Mary Washington College; Ph.D. University of VirginiaCourses
General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry Laboratory, Seminar, FSEM

Research Interests
DNA topology, food chemistry, chemical education

Outstanding Young Faculty Award, 2000 and J. Christopher Bill Outstanding Faculty Service Award, 2010

Associate Professors

K. Nicole Crowderncrowder-99x133 Jepson 339
(540) 654-1411
ncrowder [at] umw.edu
B.S. Sweet Briar College; Ph.D. Princeton UniversityCourses
General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Research Interests
Surface modification for inorganic catalysis, biomedical implant applications

Leanna C. Giancarlolgiancar-99x133

ACS Student Chapter Advisor

Jepson 336
(540) 654-1407
lgiancar [at] umw.edu

B.S., University of Scranton; Ph.D. University of PennsylvaniaCourses
Foundations of Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory, FSEM

Research Interests
Scanning tunneling microscopy, surface chemistry, spectroscopic studies of molecular interactions

Outstanding Young Faculty Award, 2004

Assistant Professors

E. Davis OldhamOldham_Davis_99x133

Co-Director, Summer Science Institute

Jepson 338
(540) 654-1412
eoldham [at] umw.edu

Ph.D. University of IllinoisCourses
Foundations of Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Research Interests
Organic chemistry, environmental contaminants, enantioselective metabolism, drug discovery

Randall D. ReifReif_Randy_99x133 Jepson 300
(540) 654-5983
rreif [at] umw.edu
B.A. St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Ph.D. Texas Tech UniversityCourses
Chemistry and Society, Chemical Analysis II, Biochemistry I Lecture and Laboratory, FSEM

Research Interests
Microfluidics, apoptosis, and RNA nanotechnology

Adjunct Instructors

Bradford Gutting Jepson 202
(540) 654-1392
bgutting [at] umw.edu
Courses General Chemistry
Timothy Howes Jepson 202
(540) 654-1392
thowes [at] umw.edu
Courses Chemistry & Society
Christl Zaccagnino Jepson 202
(540) 654-1392
czaccagn [at] umw.edu
Courses Foundations of Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry