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When Mary Washington alum Ray Parrish '91, now co-owner of Fredericksburg's Maltese Brewing Company, decided to set the Guinness World Record for the spiciest beer, he turned to his alma mater for help. Now UMW Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry Sarah Smith '12 and junior biochemistry major Valerie Ebenki are trying to determine the heat content of Maltese's Signal One 2.0 beer, a pineapple IPA infused with 500 Carolina Reaper chilies, the world’s hottest pepper. Photo by Suzanne Carr Rossi.In the News:  Visiting Assistant Professor Sarah Smith and Junior Biochemistry Major Valerie Ebenki are collaborating with local brewer and Mary Washington Graduate to quantify the “hottest” beer.  Read more in this recent article in the Free

Lance Star and on the UMW website.


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