ELC Faculty Awarded UMW Grants


Faculty in Linguistics, Literature, Creative Writing, and Journalism recently secured major grants from the university for their professional work. Dr. Janie Lee was awarded a sabbatical and Dr. Kate Haffey, Professor Jon Pineda, and Professor Sushma Subramanian all received Jepson Fellowships. Congratulations to all four for this amazing sweep! … [Read more...]

Subramanian is Awarded Journalism Fellowship


Professor Sushma Subramanian was awarded a Genetics and Human Behavior Journalism Fellowship by the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia, a grant aimed at early- and mid-career journalists.  Continuing her focus on science writing, Subramanian will use the fellowship to observe researchers studying the physiology of the Bajau laut, a group in Indonesia known for their unique ability to see underwater and hold their breath for long periods while diving, to understand whether humans may have special adaptations for swimming. Congratulations! … [Read more...]

Professor Rutstein Wins Award


Amanda Rutstein was recently chosen as the recipient of the UMW Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation Adjunct Teaching Award. Congratulations! … [Read more...]

Dr. Lorentzen Awarded UMW Fellowship


Professor Eric Lorentzen (aka "The Radical Schoolmarm") was awarded the prestigious Waple Professorship at UMW for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years. His project is entitled “The Catechizing Infection: Subverting Dangerous Pedagogy in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel." … [Read more...]

COMM students win grant


Congratulations to Alexander Clegg and John Guidon! Under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Johnson-Young, the two CDS majors have been awarded an Undergraduate Research Grant to visit Tbilisi, Georgia in March in association with their joint individual study, “Religion in the Media in Georgia.” … [Read more...]

Dr. Barrenechea Wins Major Essay Prize


Professor Antonio Barrenechea has won the award for "Best Essay in Inter-American Studies" from the International Association of Inter-American Studies for his essay "Hemispheric Studies Beyond Suspicion: Comparative Literature and the _Summa Americana_." The essay is a critique of U.S.-led Hemispheric Studies as currently practiced in favor of a comparative global paradigm that is invested in the languages and literatures of the Western Hemisphere. Congratulations! … [Read more...]

Professor Pineda Nominated for Award

little anodynes 2

Jon Pineda has been chosen as a finalist for the Library of Virginia's 19th Annual Literary Award.  His recent book Little Anodynes is one of just three to earn this honor.  Many congratulations! … [Read more...]

Professor Barrenechea Awarded Position in France


Dr. Antonio Barrenecheahas been appointed the IAU (Institute for American Universities) College Resident Fellow, Aix-en-Provence, France for the academic year 2016-17, during which he will be on sabbatical from UMW.  His research will consider on how South American underground cinema reinvents Hollywood and European “trash” and avant-garde film sources.  Congratulations! … [Read more...]

Dr. McAllister Wins Prestigious Fellowship


Congratulations to Professor Marie McAllister! She has been selected as one of the four new UMW Waple Professors for her project “Literature and Medicine.” She will hold this professorship for the academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18. … [Read more...]

Professor Pineda’s Recent Honors


Jon Pineda's poem “The Muse, or Stars Out on Interstate 81 South” (featured on the Poetry Foundation's website) has been selected by Minnesota State University, Mankato to be part of MSU’s 2016 National Poetry Month Video Project. His (fly fishing) poem “Rapidan Bestiary” was accepted for publication by Gray’s Sporting Journal.  Other new poems (“Rappahannock Bestiary” and “Smallmouth Bestiary”) will appear in the forthcoming issue of storySouth. Finally, his creative nonfiction essay “Circumference” recently appeared in the literary magazine Qu and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize (Pushcart Prize XLI: Best of the Small Presses). … [Read more...]