The Music Minor

At UMW, music minors get a strong foundation in music fundamentals, theory, and technology, and aural and keyboard skills.

1) Music technology skills

MUTC 100 Technology for Musicians is an introduction to notational tools, sound reinforcement, recording, sequencing, video capture/editing, and music-specific web design and social media.

2) Music Theory Courses

a) MUTH 191 Diatonic Music Theory with MUTH 192 Diatonic Music Theory Skills

b) MUTH 291 Chromatic Music Theory with MUTH 292 Chromatic Music Theory Skills

Each course has a corresponding ear-training laboratories. Together they lead the student to mastery of theoretical concepts, linked directly to strengthening aural perception and sight-singing.

3) Private Lessons

All music minors take four credits of private lessons in some applied medium, and participate in faculty-led ensembles.

4) Additional Courses

In addition, minors choose three of the following specialized courses according to interest:

MUHL 362 Beethoven

MUHL 368 History of Jazz

MUHL 375 Music History I: genre and form

MUHL 376 Music History II: narrative and ideology

MUHL 473 Special Studies in Music History and Literature

MUPR 347 Choral Conducting

MUPR 348 Instrumental Conducting

MUPR 441 Opera Workshop

MUTC 320 Audio Recording

MUTC 370 Electronic Music

MUTH 369 Music Orchestration

MUTH 391 Post-Tonal Music Theory

MUTH 483 Music Composition

MUTH 490 Music Seminar