Music Scholarships

This year we will hold scholarship auditions for incoming intended music majors in two ways:  recordings submitted by February 20, 2024 (with a follow-up Zoom interview on February 24) and live auditions/interviews on February 24.  These are for the Amelia B. Walford Music Scholarship and the Henry and Grace Spicer Scholarship.

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Over the years, UMW alumni and other benefactors have given generously to support students involved in music here.

There are more than twenty named music scholarships which specify a variety of recipients.  The list below indicates eligibility.

Nina G. Bushnell (’37) Scholarship:  a rising junior major in art, theater or music

Carolyn Ann Williams Carr (’45) Scholarship:  music major with outstanding performance ability and financial need

Polly Updegraff Champ (’61) Scholarship:  a major in theater, music, or art, from outside of the state of VA, with preference toward someone working toward teacher certification

Dr. and Mrs. Soon Dai Choi Scholarship:  incoming student interested in pursuing music degree with financial need

Anne F. Hamer Scholarship:  rising junior or senior music majors (minimum 3.0 GPA)

June Davis McCormick (’49) Scholarship:  vocal students (minimum 3.5 GPA)

Patricia P. Norwood, Ph.D. Scholarship in Music

UMW Performing Arts in the Community Scholarship

Monika D. Scott (’44) Scholarship

Elizabeth P. Tillary Memorial Scholarship

Aurelia B. Walford Scholarship in Music:  intended music majors, awarded based on academic merit and performance ability

Henry and Grace Spicer Scholarship:  either music majors or members of the UMW Philharmonic

Jazz 4 Justice Jazz Band Scholarship: members of UMW Jazz Band

UMW Celtic Arts Scholarship: member of the Eagle Pipe Band

UMW Philharmonic Scholarships

Susan & George Colby Philharmonic Scholarship:  member of the UMW Philharmonic

Martha Johnson Orchestra Scholarship:  member of the UMW Philharmonic

Charles A. & Lenore Kramer Orchestra Scholarship:  UMW Philharmonic violinist, asst. to concertmaster

Virginia H. Powell UMW Philharmonic Scholarship:  members of the UMW Philharmonic with financial need

Russell-Sabetty Orchestra Scholarship:  rising juniors and seniors demonstrating leadership in the UMW Philharmonic

Prince B. Woodard Orchestra Scholarship:  members of the UMW Philharmonic

In addition, there are two cash awards given at the end of each academic year:

Anne and Sidney Hamer Music Award:  the music major with the highest overall GPA

Zorbaugh Choral Award:  a rising junior or senior for excellent leadership and interest in choral and church music.


Also students may be awarded Departmental Honors at graduation.  These are awarded following this process:

In a case of exceptional merit, a student may be awarded Departmental Honors at graduation. To qualify for Departmental Honors, the student must have a 3.5 average for all music courses applying to the music major through the semester before graduation, and a 3.0 overall institutional average through the semester before graduation, and successfully undertake a substantial independent project in music (research, performance, composition, technology, etc., or a combination of any of these).  Any music faculty member may initiate the request for consideration. This request must be made at least 7 weeks before the student’s graduation. Upon substantial completion of the student’s honor’s project, full-time faculty will vote on the application for honors (granted by majority vote). If deemed worthy of Honors, the department chair will notify the Office of Student Records to that effect. The student will provide a digital final version of their honors project for archiving at Simpson Library.