Specialized Courses

In addition to individualized study and internships, the department regularly offers the following courses:


MUED 100  Introduction to Music Education

*An introduction to music education techniques at multiple levels: elementary, middle, and high school. Students learn lesson planning for the music classroom, rehearsal techniques for both vocal and instrumental ensembles, rhythmic teaching, and music assessment and evaluation.

MUPR 214  Class Woodwinds

MUPR 223  Class Brass

MUPR 225  Class Percussion

MUPR 235  Class Strings

*Beginning group study in instrumental performance techniques.  Recommended for music major seeking teaching certification in the instrumental area and for students interested in composition.

MUPR 347 Choral Conducting

MUPR 348  Instrumental Conducting

*The principles and techniques of choral/instrumental conducting, including score reading and analysis, program planning, and workshop experience.

MUPR 441  Opera Workshop

*Opportunity to study and perform scenes from the operatic repertoire.

 MUPR 473  Special Studies in Music Performance 


MUTC 170  MIDI Composition

*A comprehensive overview of composing through a digital audio workstation.  Topics include vocoding, sampling, synthesis, film scoring, automation, and bussing.

MUTC 320  Audio Recording

*Fundamentals of acoustic audio recording for all types of instruments and ensembles, including microphone selection and placement, acoustical treatments, professional practices, and applications in related fields.

MUTC 330  Audio Production

*Production techniques in a variety of styles with an exploration of the roles that production, artists, and finances play in the process from conception to finished recording

MUTC  370  Electroacoustic Techniques

*A study on compositional techniques in electroacoustic music with an emphasis on interactivity.  Lectures are designed to compliment student projects in a variety of topics including hid, electronic instrument design, live coding, and real-time processing.

MUTC 473  Special Studies in Music Technology


MUTH  351  Fundamentals of Counterpoint and Form

*Introduction to the principles of counterpoint as exemplified in the music of the Renaissance.  Introduction to larger musical forms.

MUTH 369  Music Orchestration

*A study of techniques of instrumental scoring considered historically and creatively.

MUTH473  Special Studies in Music Theory


MUHL 261  Topics in Vocal Music

MUHL 262  Topics in Instrumental Music

*Exploration of repertories focusing in genre, composer and/or era.

MUHL 263  Mozart

MUHL 362  Beethoven

MUHL 473  Special Studies in Music History and Literature