What can you do with a degree from CPR?


We get it. When you declare one of our majors, you will inevitably get the question, “what are you going to do with that?” To be fair, pretty much every college student in every major gets that question. But you might feel more sensitive, given the current emphasis on STEM and business. But don’t despair! We have answers here.


Skills you’ll acquire

You’ll learn how to think critically. This skill is in demand in pretty much every job you will encounter. Being able to sort through the noise and get to the heart of thorny questions and problems will make you stand out.

You’ll learn how to write well. If you can express yourself in writing, you will find more doors open for you. Good writing is a process, and even professional writers (and professors!) find that they can always improve. We’ll be on that journey with you.

You’ll learn how to speak well. We have courses that build verbal expression skills, both in small groups and in more formal public settings. We can’t guarantee that you won’t still have some communication apprehension, but we’ll help.

More importantly, you will be uniquely equipped to ask and to develop strategies for responding to the great questions of our time, both abstractly and practically. You will understand how the great challenges of our time have been conditioned by tradition, faith, and reason. You will see first-hand how you people and institutions manage those questions and learn how to make a difference in the lives of our communities. CPR is the critical nexus of humanistic questioning and the essential ground for proposing fair and thoughtful answers.


Potential jobs for CPR Majors (based on our graduates’ success)

Law (lawyer, paralegal, judge) Social work (counselor, therapist)
Business (chief technology officer, HR business partner, consultant) Health care (hospital administrator, clinical trial manager, nurse, psychiatrist)
Non-profit foundations (manager) Education (K-12 teacher, professor)
Local government (city assistant controller, youth program leader) Veterinarian
Librarian Museum curator, administrator
Law enforcement (police officer, detective) Government relations (lobbyist)



CPR graduates have gone on to work at

National Public Radio, NASA, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, PerkinElmer, Gradiant Inc., US-Japan Foundation, Turbine Inc. (video game company), Amtrak, U.S. Congress, U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service, Accenture, HIV Prevention Trials Network, American Bankers Association, World Relief Refugee Services, and more!