Liane Houghtalin
Professor of Classics
(A.B., University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; M.A., Ph.D., Bryn Mawr)
Greek and Roman archaeology, Greek and Latin languages and literatures, ancient numismatics
Farmer 240, 540-654-1345, lhoughta@umw.edu
Angela Pitts
Professor of Classics
(B.A., Ohio University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison)
Lyric poetry, Greek and Latin languages and literatures, Mindfulness
Farmer 238, 540-654-1338, apitts2@umw.edu
Joseph Romero
Professor of Classics; Department Chair
(B.A., Mary Washington College; Ph.D., Duke University)
Hellenistic Greek and Latin Literature, Literature’s Engagement with Philosophy, Semiotics; Higher Education
Farmer 239, 540-654-1340, jromero@umw.edu, josephromero.org


David Ambuel
Professor of Philosophy; Kurt F. Leidecker Chair of Asian Studies
(B.A., Northwestern University; M.A., Ludwig Maximilians Universität München; Ph.D., Northwestern University)
Ancient Greek philosophy, Indian and Asian philosophy, metaphysics, Kant
Farmer 234, 540-654-1344, dambuel@umw.edu
 dr-%20matzke Jason Hayob-Matzke
Professor of Philosophy
(B.S., Ball State University; MAIS, Oregon State University; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University)
Ethics, Applied Ethics (Environmental and Medical), Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Philosophy
Farmer 208, 540-654-1113, jmatzke@umw.edu
Michael Reno
Lecturer, Philosophy
(B.A., Illinois State University; M.A., Michigan State University; Ph.D., Michigan State University)
Logic, Environmental Philosophy, 19th Century European Philosophy, and Critical Theory
Farmer 237, 540-654-1023, mreno@umw.edu


Mehdi Aminrazavi
Professor of Religion & Philosophy; Kurt F. Leidecker Chair of Asian Studies; Inaugural Director of the Khatib Program in Religion and Dialogue
(B.A., M.A., University of Washington; Ph.D., Temple University)
Medieval philosophy, Islamic philosophy, philosophy of religion, Eastern religions, metaphysics
Farmer 235, 540-654-1341, maminraz@umw.edu
jennifer%20barry Jennifer Barry
Assistant Professor of Religion
(B.A., Colorado Christian University; M.T.S., Duke Divinity School; Ph.D. Drew University)
Early Christianity, Late Antiquity, Women’s and Gender Studies
Farmer B46, 540-654-1343, jbarry@umw.edu, Humanities Commons site: https://hcommons.org/members/jennisifire/
  Mary Beth Mathews
Professor of Religion
(A.B., The College of William and Mary; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia)
American and European Religious History, Christian Fundamentalism,and African American Religions
Farmer 236, 540-654-1354, mmathews@umw.edu , marybethmathews.org


Janet Wishner
Professor Emerita of Philosophy
(B.A., University of Leeds; M.A., Bedford College, University of London; Ph.D., University of Georgia)
James Goehring
Professor Emeritus of Religion
(B.A., University of California at Berkeley; M.A., University of California at Santa Barbara; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School)
Craig Vasey
Professor of Philosophy
(B.A., Towson State College; Doctorate, Université de Paris; Ph.D., Brown University)
Contemporary French and German philosophy, Marx, Nietzsche, feminism, race, phenomenology and existentialism
 Nina Mikhalevsky Nina Mikhalevsky
Provost; Professor Emerita of Philosophy
(B.A., Boston University; M.A., Ph.D., Georgetown University)
Aesthetics, Ethics, Political and Social Theory, American Philosophy, History of Philosophy