Khatib Program in Religion & Dialogue

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Thank you for your interest in the Khatib Program in Religion & Dialogue (KPRD), located at the
University of Mary Washington, in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
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Beyond the Ballot: The Role of Religion within the American Political Landscape

This program is made possible through the generosity of Dr. Reza Khatib and Mrs. Georgianna Clifford
Khatib. Dr. and Mrs. Khatib believe that it is only through mutual understanding and respect for each
other’s religions that tolerance and peaceful coexistence is possible. The Khatibs are dedicated to
supporting endeavors that expose and introduce the scholarly and academic versions of religions, taught
by well-respected academics, in order to offset the hateful agendas of those who commit violence in the
name of world religions.
In past years, other institutions of higher education were the beneficiary of their generous gift; now the
University of Mary Washington has become what we hope to be the permanent home of The Khatib
Program in Religion & Dialogue.

Best wishes,
Mehdi Aminrazavi
Interim Director of the Khatib Program