For New and Prospective Students

What is special about the Department of Chemistry?

To me, chemistry at UMW means many things. It means opportunity, community, endless knowledge, and unwavering support. The chemistry department has provided me the opportunity to further my knowledge of chemistry in many ways both through    my courses and my participation in undergraduate research and through this, the chemistry department faculty continues to always provide their support. I am leaving Mary Washington with a much deeper knowledge and appreciation of chemistry which I owe all to UMW’s chemistry faculty and department.

-Ashley Parkhurst, Biochemistry, Class of 2020

Why study Chemistry and Biochemistry?

The Department of Chemistry of the University of Mary Washington is an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved program offering majors in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Our program is based upon a modern curriculum and is supported by well-equipped laboratories that supplement and extend classroom instruction. Required courses span the traditional areas of organic, analytical, and physical chemistry, and include senior capstone experiences that help students hone their laboratory problem solving skills and their oral and written scientific communication. Several electives also give in-depth treatment to other topics, and there are ample research opportunities for students to apply course work to current research problems in various areas of chemistry. Students leave the program well-prepared for jobs or graduate study.

The chemistry department also sponsors a student members chapter of the American Chemical Society.  This student organization sponsors a variety of activities including a magic show during Family Weekend, outside speakers, and extracurricular events.

UMW Chemistry Majors

The department offers majors leading to a B.S. in Chemistry:

Students can also complete additional information to earn an ACS certified major in Biochemistry or Chemistry.

Students could also supplement another major with a minor in Chemistry.

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Students are invited to participate in numerous extracurricular events/organizations, including:

We encourage you to come for a visit and chat with our students and faculty.  Please feel free to contact us,  to answer any questions you may have or to arrange for a facility tour or a classroom visit. Further details about the program may be obtained by connecting to the links provided and referring to the on-line college catalog.

Department Chair contact information:

Dr. Janet Asper, Jepson 435, (540)654-1143,