ELC Kemp Symposium

The Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication is dedicated to undergraduate research and creativity–and to a collaborative sharing of our students’ work.  Our strongest venue for this is the annual Kemp Symposium, which is scheduled each Spring semester and which showcases critical, creative, original work by the department’s students and classes. The Kemp Symposium is open to the public.


The 12th Annual William Kemp Symposium

April 21-22, 2016

***Full schedule HERE: PROGRAM, Twelfth Annual William Kemp Symposium, April 21-22, 2016 ***

See below for info on Friday’s late afternoon activities.


Mark DiSipio presents at the 2015 Kemp Symposium in The Dickinson Hat

Marc DiSipio presents at the 2015 Kemp Symposium in The Dickinson Hat

Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Induction

Friday, April 22, 4:00 p.m., Combs 139

Taddesse Adera Memorial Address by Professor Shumona Dasgupta

ELC End-of-the-Year Picnic

Friday, April 22, 5:00 p.m., The Mansion patio (1201 William Street)

All majors, minors, faculty, and staff are invited!

Watch this site for the full schedule and other related end-of-semester events!



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