Introducing MDFL 201 : Women of the Arab World

Arab women are frequently portrayed as oppressed, voiceless, and impoverished, and “Islam” is often cited as the most significant source of such oppression. Western media contribute to this perception by continuing to depict Middle Eastern women as silenced by men and society. While there are various practices and/or beliefs related to Islam that see a difference in the roles that women and men should ideally play in society, the relation between religion and gender is complex. In this course, we will explore the complexities of this relationship in the Islamic Middle East, which will be defined as the Arab world. Students will discover not only what Muslim women have been able to say about their own lives and beliefs, but also how Western peoples have talked about Muslim women in the past as well as in the modern world. … [Read more...]

The new political landscape

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2021 @ 12pm EST - 1:00 PM EST The new political landscape: Extremism, Democracy, and Complacency What has changed in the last four years in the U.S., in Germany, and in their relationship with each other? How do we account for the rise of right-wing political groups in both Germany and the U.S. Furthermore, what do the presidency of Joseph Biden and the upcoming election to the German Bundestag this fall have in store for the two countries? Professor emeritus Dr. Hajo Funke (FU Berlin) and Christian Jetzlsperger, (Head of the political section of the German Embassy, Washington, D.C.) will discuss these questions and more. Host: Dr. Jennifer Taylor (William & Mary) Login information for all our Webinars can be found here.  … [Read more...]

Suzie Kim: Pictures of the Floating World

Dr. Suzie Kim, UMW Assistant Professor of Art History, will be giving a talk on "Pictures of the Floating World: Japanese Prints During the Edo Period (1603-1868)". WHEN: Wednesday, February 17, 4pm-5pm. Zoom information can be found on the registration form. Click here to register.     … [Read more...]

Leopoldo Martinez’s 94 Paradoxes Book Event

UMWs Departments of Modern Languages and Literatures and Political Science are delighted to host a discussion of Leopoldo Martinez Nucete’s Book “94 Paradoxes to Consider in the 21st Century” on February 10, 2021 4-5 PM. In his provocative book, Martinez Nucete describes today’s contradictions with regards to climate change, civil rights, diversity, social media and the polarization of society, and other areas. LEOPOLDO MARTÍNEZ NUCETE (1964) is a Venezuelan-American lawyer, expert of global trends and former congressman of the National Assembly of Venezuela. He founded the Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas and serves as executive editor of IQLatino. He is a member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Founding Chair of Latino Victory Project. He is a writer for various media outlets in Latin America, the United States and Spain. An abbreviated version of the book can be read here. All participants will receive a free copy of Leopoldo … [Read more...]

The New Normal, The US and Germany Now : State of Emergency

We hope you can join us for the first in the speaker series, "The New Normal, The US and Germany Now". ZOOM Info can be found at … [Read more...]

94 Paradoxes to Consider in the 21st Century – Book Event

Mark your calendar! Wednesday, February 10, 2021 @ 4pm Zoom information to follow. … [Read more...]

Virtual Events

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting some virtual events over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for information on our Virtual International Film Festival and the Virtual International Master Chef on Facebook! Click here to follow us on Facebook. Tell your friends! These are open to all! Like and Share! … [Read more...]

Guest Speaker, Dr. Nicolás Fernández-Medina

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Majors/Minors Fall Picnic

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International Ball – Friday, April 5th

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