Internship credit is available to Junior and Senior French, German and Spanish majors who wish to earn credit through hands-on experience in the many agencies in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas serving international agencies local immigrants. Internship credit is also possible in combination with study abroad. To earn from 1-4 elective credits, students must register through the Office of Academic and Career Services.


Some registered agencies in the Fredericksburg area:

  • Rappahannock Adult Education Programs (ESL teaching)
  • Virginia Department of Health
  • Fredericksburg City Schools
  • RCASA (Rappahannock Council against Sexual Assault)
  • RCDV (Rappahannock Council against Domestic Violence)
  • Bragg Hill Family Life Center
  • Mobile Health Clinic
  • Moss Free Clinic
  • LUCHA Ministries
  • Rappahannock Legal Services
  • First Peoples Worldwide
  • JPD Systems

Internships in the Washington, DC area:

  • AYUDA, Inc. A legal aid non-profit, community-based organization
  • Smithsonian/Latino Museum Partnership Museum Intern Program
  • Hispanic Division, Library of Congress
  • The French Embassy

For additional information contact:

French: Dr. Scott Powers (, Combs 225)

German: Dr. Marcel Rotter (, Combs 219)

Spanish:  Dr. Elizabeth Lewis (, Combs 222) or Dr. Ana Chichester (, Combs 242)