Combs Hall, University of Mary Washington buildings. (Photo by Norm Shafer).



Conservation Lab (Combs 009)

The conservation lab is used by a variety of preservation classes. Scattered around the room are elements of the architectural fragments collection which is housed in a closet in the rear. Microscopes with attached cameras are also available for use to assist in researching materials.

Computer and Drafting Lab (Combs 011)

Primarily used for HISP 205, Documentation and Field Work as well as HISP 345, Computer Applications, the computer and drafting lab has software relevant to preservation that is offered in few other locations on campus. This includes Unity, AutoCAD, Metashape, FARO As Built, and SketchUp.

Archaeology Lab (Combs 012, 013, and 014)

Classes in archaeology are taught in this space which also serves to process artifacts excavated during summer field school.

Library and Seminar Room (Combs 025)

Located in our seminar room (025 Combs Hall), the Historic Preservation Library provides our students with access to a significant collection of reference books, periodicals, and technical reports in historic preservation. Content has been acquired or donated by past and present faculty as well as alumni of our program. All Book Prize entries are also a part of the library inventory. The collection is managed and periodically inventoried by the department student aides. Currently, the library holds about 1,600 items. Students can check out any of them through the lending management system in the HISP suite.

Materials available in the department library are often required readings in HISP courses.


First Floor:


Meeting Room (Combs 124)

Department meetings are held in this room on a weekly basis. The room also provides a quite space for test taking or to use resources that may not be available for checkout

Work and Mail Room (Combs 126)

Department mailboxes and the copier are located in this room.

The Department of Historic Preservation Office Suite (Combs 136)

The location of faculty and staff offices, the equipment closet, student aides, mailboxes, and the department meeting room . Please feel free to sit on the couch and catch-up on local preservation news or read one of the variety of preservation publications.

Equipment Closet (Combs 136b)

The equipment closet is unlocked during normal hours of operation. During this time students have the option of checking out a variety of equipment to complete class assignments or to assist them in conducting research. For an equipment list and uses, see the equipment page.

Large Lecture Hall (Combs 139)

Located on the first floor the large lecture hall is primarily used for 100 level preservation courses.

Second Floor:


Lecture Hall (Combs 237)

Located on the second floor this lecture hall is not as large as Combs #139. Numerous preservation courses use this space including 100 and 200 level courses.