HISP 100: Introduction to Historic Preservation
HISP 105: The American Built Environment
HISP 200: Introduction to Museum Studies [WI]
HISP 205: Documentation and Fieldwork (Prerequisite HISP 105)
HISP 207: American Archaeology [WI]
HISP 209: Planning History and Practice [SI]
HISP 305: Historic Building Technologies (Prerequisite HISP 205)
HISP 320: Material Culture (Prerequisite HISP 205) [SI]
HISP 405: Survey and Preservation Planning (Prerequisite HISP 209 & 305) [WI]

Laboratory Course (select one)

HISP 461: Laboratory in Building Forensics
or HISP 462: Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
or HISP 463: Laboratory in Museum Design and Interpretation
or HISP 469: Laboratory in Preservation Planning


GEOG 250: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems & Cartography
HISP 206: American Folklore [SI]
HISP 208: Introduction to Conservation
HISP 302: Preservation Law (Prerequisite HISP 100)
HISP 303: Archives and Society
HISP 308: Cultural Resource Management
HISP 309: Preservation, Landscape and Land Use (Prerequisite HISP 100)
HISP 323: Heritage Tourism
HISP 325: Vernacular Architecture in America (Prerequisite HISP 205)
HISP327: Analytical Archaeology (Prerequisite HISP 207)
HISP 345: Computer Applications in Historic Preservation (Prerequisite HISP 205)
HISP 360: International Preservation (Prerequisite HISP 100) [EL]
HISP 361: Historic Preservation Administration (Prerequisite HISP 100)
HISP 467: Field Methods in Archaeology (Prerequisite HISP 207)
HISP 470: Historic Preservation Abroad (Paris, France)
HISP 471: Special Studies in Historic Preservation
HISP 471: Diversity in Preservation
HISP 471: African Diaspora Archaeology
HISP 471: Graves and Burial Grounds
HISP 491: Individual Study in Historic Preservation [EL]
HISP 499: Internship in Historic Preservation (Prerequisite HISP 100 & 105) [EL]
NOTE: the internship does not count toward the minimum requirements for the historic preservation major.

Total Hours Required for the Major: 36