• Elyse Adams ’17

    The George Washington Foundation

    Historic Kenmore & Ferry Farm

    Elyse Adams ’17
  • Alex Green ’12

    Historic Preservation Specialist at Sandvick Architects in Cleveland, OH
    University of Georgia – Masters in Historic Preservation

    Alex Green ’12
  • Miriam McCue ’16

    Development Events Coordinator at the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington, DC

    Miriam McCue ’16
  • Gregg DiSalvo ’11

    3D Exhibit Designer at the PRD Group in Washington, DC Corcoran College of Art & Design – Masters in Exhibition Design

    Gregg DiSalvo ’11
  • Sarah Rogers ’17

    Certified Local Government Coordinator at the Georgia State Historic Preservation Office

    Sarah Rogers ’17
  • Daniel Messplay ’12

    Assistant Director of Planning & Economic Development in Port Chester, NY
    Virginia Tech – Masters in Urban and Regional Planning

    Daniel Messplay ’12
  • Rebecca McGovern ’16

    Marketing Assistant at MTFA Architecture/John Milner Associates Preservation

    Rebecca McGovern ’16
  • Reagan Andersen ’18

    Lab Technician/Assistant at Dovetail Cultural Resource Group, Fredericksburg VA

    Reagan Andersen ’18

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