International Education Week

1016165_572528252806852_795279139_nFrom September 16th-21st, the Center for International Education at UMW is having their 2nd Annual International Education Week. The week consist of daily events around campus that will conclude with the Education Abroad Fair on Saturday, September 21st. The Education Abroad fair will be on the fourth floor of Lee from 9:30- 12:30 pm and will provide student an opportunity to learn about the various study abroad programs the university offers.

In Summer 2015, Professor Smith will be teaching Historic Preservation 470 in Paris, France again. This trip will be Professor Smith’s third time teaching Hisp 470 in Paris and is a great opportunity for students. The class will give students an opportunity to explore Paris beyond its major tourist attractions and learn more about preservation and planning. Students do not need to know French for this course because it is taught in English, but there is an option to take French courses there.

Interested in studying abroad or the 2nd Annual International Week? Visit the Center for International Education’s Website.

Interested in Hisp 470? Talk to your fellow students who have taken the course or contact Professor Smith. Also, look at students’ Paris blog posts on the course aggregator.


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