Preservation Students Head to Buffalo

Beautiful Buffalo, New York

This past October the Center for Historic Preservation assisted in sending four historic preservation students, in addition to UMW professor Dr. Andrea Livi Smith to Buffalo, New York for the annual National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference. The students (Senior Cameron Henry, Juniors Susanna Parmelee and Sarah Sanders, and Sophomore Danielle Payne) and Dr. Smith were in attendance at the conference from Wednesday, October, 18 until Saturday, October, 22. Themed “Alternating Currents,” this year’s conference discussed many new and hot topics in the world of preservation including: issues of adaptive reuse, salvaging, budgeting, and many other similar topics. The conference attendees received the opportunity to attend either three or four different educational sessions each day to learn more about issues such as these. For a more detailed recount of events at the conference, please read their stories below:


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