Amphitheater Clean-Up Event

On Friday, November 19th, 2010, the Historic Preservation department hosted an Amphitheater clean-up event. Students across the academic spectrum gathered at the amphitheater behind Trinkle and Mason hall Friday afternoon and, for approximately three hours, helped faculty remove trash, leaves and debris from the seating and stage area.

According to the UMW website, the amphitheater was first opened by the University 87 years ago, in 1923. Since its creation, it has been used extensively for graduation commencement exercises, drama rehearsals, Eagle Pipe Band practice, impromptu class meetings and social events.

Because maintenance and custodial staff are not required by the University to tend to the Amphitheater, it has fallen into disarray and obscurity over the past several years. Recently, an accident involving the collapse one of the columns and the injury of a non-university resident has brought the amphitheater back into the spotlight. The University is currently debating whether or not to tear it down.

The Historic Preservation department recognized the potential danger of losing one of UMW’s most cherished and prized historic structures. A successful clean-up event restored functionality to the area and sent a message to administration that the Amphitheater is a building that is important to both students and faculty.

– Danny Messplay ‘12

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