The UMW Geography Department offers various programs for students to be a part of:

  • Geography Major: This program leads to a B.A. degree in Geography. It is a substantial program that lets students focus on areas of particular interest, while still receiving a broad foundation that allows for a variety of career choices. Students who declare Geography after Fall 2022 will follow the Revised Geography Major.
  • Starting in Fall 2022, we are offering a new Major in Geospatial Analysis. Students specialize in GIS, Geographic Information Science, while taking courses in core geographic concepts that help them develop a good spatial understanding in their areas of interest. This program leads to the B.A. degree in Geography.
  • Minors: Ranging from climate science to Middle Eastern studies, a variety of minors are offered through the Geography Department to help students supplement their degree.
  • GIS Certificate: Our undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science can be taken by degree-seeking students as if it was a minor. At 19 credits, most students who earn the certificate do so within their 120 credit degree program. Few Virginia schools offer such a program at the undergraduate level: ours is rigorous and very well respected. GIS is a solid skill that can be added on to just about any major.
  • The GIS Certificate is also a stand-alone program, so it can be taken by non-degree-seeking students, and can be completed after graduation.
  • MSGA Program: Our Master of Science in Geospatial Analysis leads to an M.S. degree that prepares students for high-level GIS jobs. Suitably qualified juniors may apply through our 4+1 program to take two graduate courses in their senior year, enabling them to complete the MS one year after completing their bachelor’s degree. Any major may apply, providing they have taken GISC coursework.

Curious about GIS?

  • Click on the short videos below to understand what Geographic Information Systems really involves, and to learn about career prospects:

Opening slide "what is GIS" video