The Geospatial Analysis Major is for students interested in careers in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS), who want to take a deep dive into geotechnical skills while ensuring a broad foundation in thematic geography. Looking to become a geospatial analyst, solution engineer, imagery analyst, cartographer, or GIS technician? This major is for you!

The Geography Major is designed to ensure a broad foundation in cultural, physical, and technical geography but then allows students to select courses and identify an area of specialization. Students can tailor their own interests and maintain a narrow focus, or add additional courses for a more expansive education. Careers in planning, community outreach, environmental assessments, or any kind of geographic research start here!

Both majors lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography.

The Certificate in Geographic Information Science can be added to either of these majors, or to any major at UMW. It is also a stand-alone program, so it can be taken by non-degree-seeking students, and can be completed after graduation.

The Master of Science in Geospatial Analysis (MSGA) is being taught out, so current students may finish but new students are not being accepted.

Curious about GIS?

  • Click on the short videos below to understand what Geographic Information Systems really involves, and to learn about career prospects:

Opening slide "what is GIS" video