Departmental Honors Projects

The Geography Department offers excellent students with individual research interests the opportunity to graduate from the University of Mary Washington with honors in Geography. Department Honors in Geography provides more information on the requirements for graduating with departmental honors.

Recent Recipients of Departmental Honors:

  • Darby Libka (2019). ““#nolaeats: Marketing New Orleans’ French Quarter Restaurants Using Instagram”. Supervised by Dr. Caitie Finlayson.
  • Ian Spangler (2016). “”Yo, Dre, I’ve Got Something to Say:” Listening to Compton’s Hip-Hop Landscape”. Supervised by Dr. Stephen Hanna.
  • Sarah G. McNeal (2011). “‘An Unhappy Marriage’: The Flemish Separatist Movement in Belgium.” Supervised by Dr. Stephen Hanna.
  • Lauren M. Birney (2010), “Exploring Maya Food Security in Highland Guatemala” Supervised by Dr. Dawn Bowen.
  • Cassandra L. Ratti (2010), “Student Perceptions of Campus Safety.” Supervised by Dr. Dawn Bowen.
  • Timothy J. St. Onge (2010), “Media Representations and Place Perceptions of Stigmatized Neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.” Supervised by Dr. Farhang Rouhani.
  • Amber Huffman (2010), “The Gendered Aspect of Maya Development in Guatemala.” Supervised by Dr. Dawn Bowen.
  • Stuart Geiger (2006), “Permafrost in the La Sal Mountains of Utah: Development of a Model to Assist Hydrological Investigations of Rock Glaciers.” Supervised by Dr. Joseph Nicholas
  • Megan Frascella (2004), “Built on Chocolate: The Tourist Identity of Hershey, Pennsylvania.””Supervised by Dr. Stephen Hanna
  • Liz Sydnor (2003), “The Future of the Hedgerow Landscape in Ireland.” Supervised by Dr. Dawn Bowen
  • Katherine Weber (2002), “Sense of Place: Place Perceptions of Floodplain Residents in Portage Des Sioux, Missouri.” Supervised by Dr. Erin Fouberg.
  • Sharon Wilcox (2001), “The Garifuna of Belize: Strategies of Representation.” Supervised by Dr. Dawn Bowen.
  • Brendan Madigan (2000), “A Study of the Microhabitat Influence on Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) Nesting Success at the Battleground Athletic Complex, Fredericksburg, Virginia.” Supervised by Dr. Dawn Bowen.