Student Presentations

The annual Geography Symposium (held in mid or late April) is an opportunity for students to present their work professionally to a friendly audience of peers and professors. Students may also present at the annual Research and Creativity Day Symposium put on by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Sometimes, research results in publications.

  • During the 2022-23 academic year, students worked with Dr. Stephen Hanna, Dr. Christine Henry (HISP), the City of Fredericksburg, and Chris Williams, Assistant Director of the James Farmer Multicultural Center, on the Fredericksburg Civil Rights Trail. Follow this link to see an online story map as well as printed maps from this project; read more here!

Since 2013, we have also collected the names and titles of presentations given off-campus, at annual conferences of the American Association of Geographers (AAG), the Southeastern Division of the American Association of Geographers (SEDAAG), Race, Ethnicity and Place (REP), and the Virginia Social Science Association (VSSA). These are listed below:

Student(s) Title/Topic Conference Year
Josie Allamby, Elisa Luckabaugh Stories of Segregation in Virginia’s National Parks NURVa 2022
Alex Chrvala Extending Interstate 97 to Richmond to Fix Mid-Atlantic Transport Headache AAG 2019
Darby Libka Reconstruction of the Physical Environment at Crow’s Nest, VA AAG 2019
Darby Libka #nolaeats: Marketing New Orleans’ French Quarter Restaurants Using Instagram AAG 2018
Alistair Andrulis Response of a Small Stream in Virginia to Major Rainfall Events AAG 2018
Jordan Chandler, Darby Libka The World War II Memorial SEDAAG 2018
Eli McCleary, Stephen Hanna Using Qualitative GIS to Track Change in Commemorative Landscapes after Charlottesville SEDAAG 2018
Sarah Giuseppe, Hannah Woehrle Young People’s Photographs and the Idea of “Place” in Childhood SEDAAG 2018
Lillian Lester, Melina Patterson Adulting at the Kids’ Table: Undergraduate Researchers doing Children’s Geography SEDAAG 2018
Hallie Heinzen Planning a Mobile Farmers’ Market in Fredericksburg, VA SEDAAG 2017
Alistair Andrulis Drainage Basin Characteristics of a Small Stream at Crow’s Nest SEDAAG 2017
Katie Boston, Caitlin Finlayson (Im)Perfect Food: A visual Analysis of the Ugly Food Movement SEDAAG 2017
Colin Cate Preserving a Livelihood: Chesapeake Watermen and Heritage Tourism SEDAAG 2016
Christine Mackrell, Stephen Hanna More than just a Ghost Story REP 2016
Xavier Griffin Hung out to dry: Case Studies Comparing California counties’ water management solution to the drought AAG 2016
for California residents
Xavier Griffin, Ian Spangler, Meredith Stone Searching for the enslaved in the “Cradle of Democracy”: Spatializing Narratives of the Enslaved at Plantation Museums SEDAAG 2015
Philip Devine Visualizing Sacredness using Mental Maps and GIS SEDAAG 2015
Christine Mackrell Gendered Experiences in Mosques: The Utilization of Sacred Space as a Tool for Marginalization SEDAAG 2015
Meredith Stone Places to Play: Mapping Early 20th Century Playgrounds AAG 2015
Jacob Snyder Comparing methods for measuring park access (GIS) AAG 2015
Xavier Griffin, Ian Spangler, Meredith Stone Visualizing Social Memory: Exploring Narratives at Plantation Museums in the James River Region VSSA 2015
Julia Wood Gendered understandings of the lived religious experience: Exploring emotional responses through sacred space AAG 2014
Andrew Walz Paradise Tourism Imagery Analysis in Samoa AAG 2014
Julia Wood Gendered understandings of the lived religious experience: Exploring emotional responses through sacred space SEDAAG 2014
Sherry Young Using GIS to Explore Causes of Slope Failure in Stafford County, VA (poster) SEDAAG 2014
Allison MacKrell Interpreting Children’s Perceptions of their Neighborhood through the use of Participatory GIS (poster) SEDAAG 2014
Fariss Hodder, Stephen Hanna Reading the Heritage Landscape using a public history GIS AAG 2013
Adam Hager, Carl Larsen, David Chambers A Foundational GIS to Monitor Agriculture Production in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala (poster) SEDAAG 2013
Ethan Bottone Documenting Language Erosion and Preservation Efforts in the Canadian Arctic (poster) SEDAAG 2013