Major Requirements

The geography major program is organized around three areas of emphasis.

  • Globalization: A focus on the geographies of globalization and its political, cultural, and economic dimensions. Includes course work in geopolitics, economic and cultural globalization, international development, migration, and regional geographies.
  • Community, Development, and Culture: A focus on how people living in specific places and regions experience and affect social, cultural, economic, and environmental processes. Includes course work in planning and urban geography, local development processes and policies, race and place, human-environment relationships, and regional geographies
  • Nature and Society: A focus on the climatologic, geomorphic, biogeographic, and social processes that shape the natural environment and affect human life. Includes course work in physical geography, human-environment relationships, and regional geographies.

Download a pdf checksheet of the requirements for the Geography major (2019)

A list of Approved Courses in Related Fields

Requirements for the Geography major can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog

UMW Geography Major

Total Required Hours: 35

Minimum GPA: 2.0

Fall Classes: (F)
Spring Classes: (S)
Taught Every Semester: (Y)

Introductory Courses

*Students must take a class from each bullet point (3 total)

-GEOG 101: World Regional Geography (Y)
or GEOG 102: Human Geography (Y)

-GEOG110: Introduction to Weather and Climate (F)

-GEOG 111: Land form Processes (S)
or EESC 1112: Evolution of Earth (S)

Methods Courses

Must take 2 from below
1+ must be GEOG, 1 must be 300 level and up

-GIS 200: Intro to GIS (Y)
-GEOG250: Intro to GIS &
Cartography (Y)
-GEOG 252: Intro to
Quantitative Methods (Y)
-GEOG 340: Remote Sensing (Y)
-GEOG 351: Spatial Analysis w/ GIS (Y)
-GEOG 355: Mobile GIS
& Global Positioning Systems (S)

– GEOG 363: Qualitative Methods in
Geography (F)
-GEOG 365: Field Methods in
Geography (F)
-ANTH 200: Ethnography
-SOCG 364: Quantitative Research
SOCG 365: Qualitative Research

Intermediate Course

One 200 Level Course:
GEOG 200-249

 Advanced Courses

2 Courses:
GEOG 300-339, 360, 410, 485, or 491


Two GEOG Courses, 1 must be 300 level and up, or approved courses in Related Fields

GEOG 490: Senior Seminar