BLS Life Experience/Work Portfolio Credit

Education takes many forms, and in the BLS office we understand that our students have gained valuable knowledge outside the classroom. The Life/Work Portfolio is a way to capitalize on that experience, and gain some credits for your prior training and experiences. Whether you had military service or community service, became an expert through specialized training or maybe you trained yourself via a hobby, the Portfolio development course will draw out these strengths and help you to organize them into a college-credit earning opportunity.

Contact the Program Director if you are interested in this transfer credit option***.

Here are the basics:

  • Portfolio credits are considered transfer credits***.
  • The standard award is 9-12 credits with 15 (fifteen) being the maximum.
  • BLST 101 is a one-credit course. The course is offered every fall and spring semester.
  • Portfolios must be submitted within twelve (12) months of completion of the portfolio course.
  • Portfolios should not exceed 250 pages.
  • Currently the assessment fee for each portfolio is $100. This fee is waived for Veterans.
  • Before beginning the development of the portfolio, the student must email the Program Director, Ana Garcia Chichester ( for permission to enroll in BLST 101: Portfolio Development.

*** Portfolio credits are considered transfer credits. If you transfer ninety (90) semester credits into the BLS program, you are not eligible for portfolio credit. ***  This is a way to bring in additional transfer credit ***