BLS Transfer Credit

The BLS degree program accepts up to 90 credits of transfer coursework (see Table below). Whether you are an applicant or a continuing student, the information on the Registrar’s webpage regarding Transfer Information has a wealth of information to answer your questions, and outlines transfer procedures.

Keep in mind that your courses will first go through the Registrar’s equivalency matrix, and then be evaluated by the BLS office for further uses. If you are uncertain how a transfer course will satisfy a requirement, contact the BLS Office, especially if you are a graduating senior.

If a transfer course involved writing, or public speaking, you may want to consider having it reevaluated for writing or speaking intensive credit. If a course came in as ‘NOTMJ’, you have the choice of seeing if the Department Chair will allow major credit for the course. Course syllabi would be required for these reevaluations. All of these procedures are outlined on the Registrar’s webpage.

If you transfer more than 90 credits, you may switch out courses to satisfy needed requirements, as long as you remain at a maximum of 90 credits. This is not done automatically, so either contact the Transfer Credit Coordinator, or the BLS Office to accomplish this.

Transfer Credit Limits

BLS students can transfer a maximum of 90 credits into UMW. There are four categories of transferable course work:

Transfer Source Credit Limit
Traditional Classroom Experience Up to 90
College Level Examination Program Up to 30
Military Education and Training Up to 30
Portfolio Up to 30
Maximum Combined transfer credit 90