BLS Veterans

We would like to welcome all of our BLS military veterans to the University of Mary Washington. Many of UMW’s veterans choose to pursue the BLS degree program.

The BLS degree program accepts military transfer credit (up to 30 credits), and often accepts more transfer credits than the traditional BA/BS degree program. Please see the section on Transfer Credit for details.

*** Veterans are eligible for Priority Registration. To qualify you must self-identify with Academic Services, and ask to be added to the Priority Registration list. *** DO THIS!!! Classes fill up fast, and you need to make sure that you are able to meet the VA requirements.

Military, Veteran, and Prior-service Student Resource webpage will connect you with resources available on campus, in the community, and beyond. For the University’s growing community of veterans, the Veterans Resource Center is now available in Combs Hall 024 (in the basement) it is open M-F 0800-1700. The room is unmanned on weekends, however you can access it via code which is not published go to the resource page for info on getting the code. It is a great place for veterans to gather informally, socialize, or study.

If needed, UMW has an Office of Disability Resources.  The Office of Disability Resources works with students, faculty, and the UMW community to eliminate barriers and provide an inclusive environment for students with disabilities. For information on documentation requirements and services, please contact the office at 540-654-1266 or review our website at:

The Career and Professional Development web page has great information specifically for Veterans. Most of you are familiar with USAJobs, but this page goes beyond that, and will hook you up with employers who are looking for the skill set you have, combined with the education you are obtaining. Check it out. Career Center Veterans Resource Page