Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree


The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Degree is designed for students who wish to complete a Bachelor’s Degree and meet the admissions requirements of the BLS program. As a BLS student you can choose from more than 30 majors offered in the College of Arts and Sciences, including the BLS major in Leadership and Management, or you can create your own interdisciplinary major.

Who can be admitted as a BLS student?

Admission to the BLS degree program is restricted to non-traditional students. This degree program is designed for an adult who meets at least one of the following characteristics:

–graduated from high school six or more years ago

–is of military background, either as a veteran or active-duty member of the Armed Forces

–is married

–has a dependent other than a spouse

–is financially self-supporting

One or more of these conditions must be met at the time of admission.

A maximum of 90 semester hours of transfer credits may be used to fulfill the requirements for the BLS degree. The BLS degree requires a minimum of 120 semester hours, distributed in three categories: courses in General Education, courses in the Major, and elective courses.

Students in the BLS Degree program attend classes on the main campus in Fredericksburg and also on the Stafford campus and follow the schedule of the College of Arts and Sciences (for most majors) and/or the College of Business (for the major in Leadership and Management). Classes meet throughout the day and into the evening. The Stafford campus offers two short session (8-weeks) evening courses during the semester. You can enroll in the program as a part-time or full-time student.

Regardless of the major you select, as a BLS student you will receive a broad, well-rounded education. The General Education component of the curriculum differs somewhat from the BA/BS requirements (for example, BLS students are not required to take foreign language) but still enables the BLS student to explore a variety of subjects in the arts, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

Our curriculum also provides the flexibility of creating your own major. Special majors must be created under the direction of the BLS office and in consultation with a faculty member who will assist the student in creating a Degree Plan.

For information on the BLS Leadership and Management major, students should contact Dr. Ana Garcia Chichester at 540-654-1989 or by email (

For more information regarding requirements for admissions or to speak to an admissions officer, please contact Ms. Sarah Lindberg, Assistant Dean of Admissions at 540.654.2000 or by email (