Criminal Justice Special Major Requirements

BLS Special Major in Criminal Justice*

The special major in Criminal Justice is exclusive to students in the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Degree program and requires a minimum of 45 credits overall. The major includes up to 15 transfer credits in Administration of Justice (ADJ) from the Virginia Community College System. Students in this special major will take an additional 30 credits at UMW to complete all requirements. To earn a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree all students must earn a total of 120 overall credits. If you are not enrolled in the BLS degree program you cannot declare this major.


VCCS Transfer Courses (15 credits from the following courses)

ADJ 133 – Ethics and the Criminal Justice Professional (SOCG NOTMJ credit)

ADJ 201 – Criminology (SOCG NOTMJ credit)

ADJ 211 – Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedures I (SOCG NOTMJ credit)

ADJ 212 – Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedures II (SOCG NOTMJ credit)

ADJ 236 – Principles of Criminal Investigation (SOCG NOTMJ credit)

ADJ 243 – Homeland Security and Law (INAF NOTMJ credit)


Required courses at UMW (12 credits)

BLST 499 or BLST 491 – Internship or an approved individual study (capstone)

Psychology 100 –General Psychology

Sociology 155 –Social Issues

Sociology 352 –Criminology [prerequisite: Sociology 155]


Elective courses at UMW (18 credits required; maximum of 6 credits at 100-200 level)

Geography 102 –Introduction to Human Geography

Geography 250 or GISC 200 –Geographic Information Systems/Cartography (4 credits)

Geography 351 or GISC 351 –Spatial Analysis with GIS (4 credits) [prerequisite: 250 or 200]

Philosophy 160 –Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy 225 –Practical Ethics

Political Science 202 –American Public Policy [prerequisite: Political Science 101-102]

Political Science 332 –Metropolitan Problems [prerequisites: Political Science 101-102]

Psychology 301 –Social Psychology [prerequisite: Psychology 100]

Psychology 311 –Abnormal Psychology [prerequisite: Psychology 100]

Psychology 322 –Mentoring Children at Risk [prerequisite: Psychology 100]

Sociology 304 –Social Stratification [prerequisite: Sociology 105 or 155]

Sociology 313 –Urban Sociology [prerequisite: Sociology 105 or 155]

Sociology 332 –Introduction to Social Welfare [prerequisite: Sociology 105 or 155]

Sociology 351 –Juvenile Delinquency [prerequisite: Sociology 105 or 155]

Sociology 415 –Sociology of Law [prerequisite: Sociology 105 or 155]

Sociology 421 –Racial and Ethnic Relations [prerequisite: Sociology 105 or 155]

** Additional courses can be used as approved by the Program Director after major is declared. **

*The Bachelor of Liberal Studies Student Designed Special Majors

BLS students with special interests or who desire a major program that is not offered at UMW, may work with a faculty advisor to design a special major. This option allows a student to develop a major by selecting credits from at least two different academic disciplines that combine to form a coherent academic concentration. Special majors allow students to incorporate transfer credit from their previous colleges and universities with courses at UMW and design a major that suits their interests and needs. It is expected that students entering the BLS program will have many general education requirements completed through transfer credit.