Graduation Honors

Honors awarded at Graduation are based on the number of credits solely earned at UMW.  If your goal is to graduate with honors, please read the information below carefully to understand how they are calculated.

For complete information, see this link  to the UMW Academic Catalog  Academic Honors

Q. Will I graduate with honors?

A. Students who have completed between 30 and 59 residential credits on which GPA can be calculated will be eligible for Distinction Honors.

Distinction:                   3.30 -3.74

Highest Distinction:   3.75-4.00

Students who have completed 60+ residential credits on which GPA can be calculated will be eligible for Academic Honors.

Cum Laude:                  3.25 – 3.49

Magna Cum Laude:     3.50 – 3.74

Summa Cum Laude:    3.75 – 4.00

This is noted on your diploma and on your permanent record.

The GPA for honors is calculated through the completion of the senior year.

Q. What are Departmental Honors?

A. Many academic departments have programs in place to recognize exceptional work in the major or in another area. Departmental Honors may include an extensive research paper or project. Whatever type of work is required by the individual department, must be submitted to the library after honors have been awarded. In the middle of the Spring semester, each department will be solicited for potential candidates for honors. Departmental Honors are noted on the students permanent record and in the Commencement Program.