Retroactive Credits

UMW Language Placement Testing Credit

Students entering the university in the fall 2018 semester or thereafter may earn course credit through UMW’s language placement testing procedure. “Back” (or retroactive) credit in the amount of three credits will be awarded to a student who took the UMW language placement exam, then takes the same language at the level in which (s)he placed on the exam, and successfully completes that level (course) with a B- grade or higher. Eligible students will be notified after final grades have been posted. Students must officially request that the back (retroactive) credits be added to their academic record by contacting the Registrar’s office.

Language Back Credit Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get retroactive credits?

Students who have taken the recommended language course and earned a B- or higher must submit the Modern Languages Retroactive Credit form signed by the language department chair to the Registrar’s Office.

How many credits will I receive?

If eligible, you will receive 3 credits for MDFL Non-major.

Will the retroactive affect my GPA?

If eligible, you will only receive 3 credits, but not a grade or any associated quality points, so it will not affect your GPA. The three credits will be elective credits earned towards your total graduation requirements. However, this could affect some students who are trying to raise their GPA, for example students in academic jeopardy, and could have financial aid implications. Students should consult their academic adviser or a financial aid adviser with questions about these implications.

Am I eligible for retroactive credits if I enrolled in UMW before Fall 2018, but I took the UMW language placement test in Fall 2018 or thereafter?

No. Only students who matriculated at Mary Washington for the first time in Fall 2018 or after are eligible for these credits.

When is the deadline to request the retroactive credit?

While there is not an official deadline, students are encouraged to apply in the semester following completion of the language course that earned them the retroactive credit

What if I never receive an email from the language department notifying me of my eligibility?

Although the Registrar and the language department make every effort to identify and notify all students who qualify for the retroactive language credit, if you believe you qualify for the credits and have not heard by mid-term of the semester following completion of the language course, make an appointment with the department chair, who will sign your form after confirming your eligibility.

Sample Student Stories:

Student 1 scored a 3 on the UMW placement exam in French and enrolled in French 201 in the Fall of 2018. She earned a B in the course, and received an email from the Department Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures notifying her that she was eligible for retroactive credit. She printed out the signed form sent to her, filled out her part of the form, and submitted it to the Registrar’s office right away.  Now she has 3 more credits of MDFL non-major credit towards her total credits needed to graduate.

Student 2 scored a 3 on the UMW placement exam in Spanish, but decided to take Spanish 102 instead of the recommended placement of 201. Although he earned an A in 102, he was not eligible for any retroactive credit.

Student 3 scored a 5 on the UMW placement exam in Chinese that she took on-line and enrolled in recommended course of Chinese 300. She earned an A in the course. However, she has not seen an email from the Modern Languages and Literature’s department. She printed off the Modern Languages Retroactive Credit (link) form from the UMW website and took it to the Modern Languages department chair for a signature and then she turned in the form to the Registrar’s office for her 3 back credits.

Student 4 scored a 6 on the UMW placement exam in Spanish taken at home, and then took the proctored exam on campus and scored a 5. She decided not to take any more language classes. She did not receive any credits, but she was exempt from the UMW language requirement.