Language Placement Exams in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish


 Exam and Placement Information:

In order to move efficiently and successfully through the sequence of language courses at UMW, first-time students should begin their language study at the appropriate level. We offer a placement exam in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Our placement exam is administered through Avant Assessment.

For new students, in order to get your placement recommendation at orientation, you will need to take the exam at home BEFORE coming to campus.  New students will receive more detailed instructions directly by email. Students who score high on this exam (4.5+ score) should sign up to take another proctored exam at the beginning of the fall semester if they wish to seek exemption from the UMW language requirement. Otherwise, students can take the recommended course.

For continuing students who missed out on the exam their freshman year, there will be dates TBA to take the exam ahead of course registration in the fall and spring.

This test is meant to help students determine the appropriate language course placement at Mary Washington. It should be used together with other factors such as previous years of language study, the grades students earned in their previous classes, the quality of instruction, and any experience the student might have had outside of class. See for more guidance.

To take the exam, students will need to follow the instructions in the admissions portal. By taking this test students are bound by the Mary Washington Honor Code. This means, that students will not use any reference materials, nor will they have another person help them while taking the test. Likewise, students are not to download, print out, or in any way save this test.