Elizabeth A. Clark founded the department of Religion at what was once Mary Washington College in 1964 and established herself, and Mary Washington, as a leading center for the social and historical study of early Christianity. In 1979, she was named the first chair of a newly formed venture, the department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion, which she led for three years before leaving for Duke University. Her proud tradition was carried forward in the distinguished careers of Jim Goehring and, now, Jennifer Barry. Dr. Barry joined our department in 2015 and immediately sought to honor her predecessor and mentor, Dr. Clark with the establishment of the Elizabeth A. Clark Lecture Fund.

The Lecture series is meant to honor Liz’s contributions to CPRD and the legacy she created at Mary Washington. By virtue of this endowed fund, we would like to bring in renowned scholars from around the world who work on those salient topics Liz dedicated her time to developing over the course of her career. The topics continue to inspire our students and educate the next generation on issues related women, gender, and Early Christianity and its many significant intersections with classical studies and philosophy. And just like Liz touched your lives, both directly and indirectly, we would like her legacy to continue to influence our students through this unique experience. We thank you deeply for all that you have already contributed. We are very close to our goal and could use your help to push us over the threshold.

Please give ( whenever you feel the urge! But if you give on UMW Giving Day, April 13, 2021, your gifts up to $1000 will be matched by a donation from the department!