Preservation Symposium: Preserving the 18th Century in the 21st

Gunston_hall_loc_treeOn Saturday, November 16, Gunston Hall will be hosting a symposium  focusing on historic structures and modern preservation efforts. Those who attend this conference will be able to hear from numerous historians, architects, and preservation professionals. During the symposium, there will be presentations made by Carl Lounsbury (Colonial Williamsburg), Judy Peterson (Marblehead Architecture Heritage), Sarah D. Pope (Menokin), Doug Harnsberger (Salubria), and Mark Wenger (MCWB). Gunston Hall will also be offering interested students scholarships to attend the symposium.

Interested in attending? Please contact Mark Whatford, the Deputy Director of Gunston Hall at

For more information about the conference, please visit this link for more details.

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