Summer Course Offerings

Courses for Summer 2017

Program 1: Spanish Studies

Spanish Language
Spanish III  (UMW SPAN 201)
Spanish IV  (UMW SPAN 202)*
(Students taking these two courses will complete UMW’s Foreign Language requirement)

Spanish Culture and Civilization  (UMW SPAN 315)
Spain in Europe  (UMW SPAN 320)
Spanish Literature (UMW SPAN 323 or 324)
Hispanic Literature (UMW SPAN 327 or 328)
Spanish Conversation (UMW SPAN 318 or 415)
Seminar in Advanced Spanish Grammar (UMW SPAN 413)

Program 2: Interdisciplinary Studies*

Spanish for Business and International Relations (Taught in Spanish)
Spanish Language (100-200 Level)
Society and Economy in Contemporary Spain (Taught in English)
International Business (Taught in English)

* These courses may transfer into several majors: IA, BUAD, ECON, MATH, HIST, or PSCI

NOTE:    Please check with your academic advisor or with Dr. Jose A. Sainz in CIE (Lee Hall 438) about course selection and transfer credit policies.

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