Major in Spanish

Spanish Major

Degree: B.A., Modern Foreign Languages

Please visit the Academic Catalog for up-to-date information on major requirements.

The Spanish major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Foreign Languages. Through courses in Spanish, students gain proficiency in understanding, reading, writing, and speaking the language. Classes are conducted in Spanish from the beginning levels. Through classroom instruction, individual research, and department-sponsored organizations, students come to know the varied Hispanic cultures around the world. Experiential learning through individual study, internships, study abroad, and service learning offers students valuable experience outside the classroom. Internships are available to juniors and seniors in local and regional agencies and organizations and in Washington D.C.

Students wishing to major may select from courses in language, literature, linguistics, and culture of Spain, Latin America, and U.S. Latinos.  The Spanish program hosts a Language Coordinator from the Universidad de Deusto who spends a year in residence teaching, leading conversation hours, and scheduling special events that promote the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.