Internships in Spain

Internship Programs in Spain (summer and semester)

The University of Deusto offers internship placements during the summer and semester programs in the following areas:

Internship in Education: Addressed to students who wish to double major in Spanish and Education. The Internship mainly focuses on the active observation of Spanish or English language classes in primary or secondary education centers. (Semester only)

Internship in Companies: Addressed to students who wish to major or minor in Business, Marketing, Hotel Management, Tourism, or International Relations in their home university, and to experience a work environment related to their professional interests. (Summer and Semester)

Students are supervised by U of Deusto Faculty who will monitor and assess their performance through regular meetings, assignments, and a final report. Students will also be in close contact with their UMW academic advisor or Program Director.

Students who wish to participate should apply to the Internship Program at the same time they apply to the UD-CIDE Semester Program.  An advanced level of Spanish is required at the starting time of the internship (i.e., students should be registered in Spanish III or have an equivalent or higher level of Spanish).

Summer Internship Program.

Aimed towards students interested in a high-impact introduction to the business industry in a Spanish context, this program offers professional skill development and focuses on students interested in areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Public Relations
  • Culture/Art
  • International Relations/Studies
  • Technology / ICT
  • Computer Science

For more information, please contact the Center for International Education in Lee Hall 4th floor.