Arab Culture Night

Arab Culture Night celebrates the rich heritage and history of the Arab people through a fashion show, live entertainment, authentic foods, poetry and various presentations.

This event consists of a display room that showcases a number of Arab Countries and their facts/trivia. The room also contains cultural objects and artifacts with descriptions.

The Fashion Show exhibits both traditional and modern-day clothes from different regions of the Middle/Near East.

Dance, instrumental music, and musical performances of traditional Arab arts are presented at this event; both students and professionals are invited to perform.

There also is traditional Arab food catered for the event that represents different regions of the Arab world.

This event brings together Professors, Faculty, Staff, Students, and the community. Not only does the community from Fredericksburg attend, but also people from Washington, D.C. and Richmond attend this event. We also have student groups and professors from different universities in attendance.


People are given the opportunity to experience a culture that is different from or familiar their own and will ultimately leave the event knowing more about Arabic Language and Culture.