Eric Lorentzen


Eric Lorentzen specializes in nineteenth-century British literature, with a primary focus on the Victorian novel, and a particularly enthusiastic affection for Dickens.  His secondary interest is in Cultural Studies pedagogy, particularly with regard to the university literature classroom.  He has published critical articles and book chapters on writers such as Charles Dickens (of course!), Charlotte Brontë, Thomas Hardy, Virginia Woolf, and other writers of the age, as well as pedagogical essays on the teaching of these writers through a Cultural Studies lens.  Dr. Lorentzen has also given more than three dozen national and international scholarly talks on a wide range of literary and cultural topics.  A 2017-2019 Waple Professor of English, Dr. Lorentzen frequently teaches courses on British Romantic and Victorian literature, the Victorian novel, Dickens, Austen, the Brontës, the Victorian Detective and Sensation novel, the British Feminist novel, Gothic novel, pastoral novel, the short story, and literary theory.

B.A., (Communications — Film and Media), Rowan University; B.A., (English), Rowan University; M.A., Pennsylvania State Univeristy; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University. UMW Directory Profile.