DGST 301C: Digital Media Studio

Hey! Here’s another exciting new Digital Studies class coming Spring 2019! It’s called “Digital Media Studio” and studies will get extensive training and experience in working with the video production studio (a.k.a. the green screen room) in the Convergence Center. It’s going to be a great experience led by the excellent Cartland Berge, who you may know as the building manager of the HCC.

Here’s some more information from the course website:

In this course we will plan, write, produce, and stream live programming each week. We’ll pitch project ideas, select the ones we are most excited about, and then take on the roles of showrunners, producers, cinematographers, and performers to bring these projects to life on our weekly show.

When we aren’t actively working on projects, we will discuss the technology, methods, and culture of live media production and web streaming, with regular guest lectures from experts in the field.

This Special Topics course (DGST 301C) will be offered in Spring 2019 at the University of Mary Washington, Tuesdays 6-8:45pm.

Want more information? Contact the instructor.

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