Debate Watch Events – Fall 2020

UMW Debate is proud to be participating in the Commission on Presidential Debate’s DebateWatch Initiative. We will be hosting the following DebateWatch2020 Events:

First Presidential Debate – Tuesday, September 29

DebateWatch Event co-hosted with the University of Minnesota’s Debate Team 8:30 pm EASTERN (7:30 pm CENTRAL).

Please register here.

Vice Presidential Debate – Wednesday, October 7

DebateWatch Event, 8:30 pm EASTERN (7:30 pm CENTRAL, 5:30 PACIFIC).

Register here or use the QR code in the image below.

Second Presidential Debate (Town hall format) – Thursday, October 15

DebateWatch Event, 8:30 pm EASTERN (7:30 pm CENTRAL). Zoom registration and additional details to be announced.


Third Presidential Debate – Thursday, October 22

DebateWatch Event, 8:30 pm EASTERN (7:30 pm CENTRAL). Join SIX top national debate teams to watch and discuss the last debate!

Register here or scan the QR code below.


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