The 2016 Fall Newsletter Is Now Available!

Hello, Everyone! The University of Mary Washington Historic Preservation Department is pleased to announce that our Fall 2016 Newsletter has arrived!  If you’d like to sign up to receive a digital copy, please follow this link: Enjoy!    fall2016newsletter_nov30_final … [Read more...]

“University of Mary Washington Alumni go to Great Heights to Restore US Capitol Building”

Three University of Mary Washington’s, Department of Historic Preservation alumni, Jen Mason, Justine Bello, and Caitlin Smith spent the better part of the last three years helping with the incredible task of conserving the US Capitol building.  Employed by Conservation Solutions Inc., the three Mary Washington alums meticulously worked to clean the delicate stonework using lasers and applying chemical consolidates when necessary. During the initial phase this past summer, the alumni had the opportunity for some hands-on experience while preserving the exterior stone on the east and north elevations of the Senate wing of the building. The company’s role allowed them to work in both the initial preparation and final detailing phases to restore. They worked within time and environment/weather constraints to utilize specialized methodology. The group focused on twenty-two columns on the east elevation and ten columns on the north elevation. There were six levels of scaffolding … [Read more...]