Book Prize


The Center for Historic Preservation at The University of Mary Washington seeks nominations for its 2018 Historic Preservation Book Prize. Established by the Center in 1988, the Historic Preservation Book Prize is awarded annually by a jury of preservation academics and professionals to the book with the most potential for positively impacting the discipline of historic preservation in the United States. In making its selection, the jury focuses on books that break new ground or contribute to the intellectual vitality of the preservation movement. Entries may come from any discipline that relates to the theory or practice of historic preservation. Nominations may be made by any source.

In order for a book to be eligible for the 2018 Historic Preservation Book Prize, it must be available in the United States between January 1, and December 31, 2017. Letters of nomination and seven (7) copies of the nominated book must be postmarked by January 5, 2018, and sent to:

Michael Spencer
Center for Historic Preservation
University of Mary Washington
1301 College Avenue, Combs 135
Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5300

Announcement of the book selected for the 2018 Historic Preservation Book Prize will be made during Preservation Week in May 2018. The author will receive a check in the amount of $500.00 and will be invited to deliver a lecture at The University of Mary Washington. Both the author and the publisher will receive certificates in recognition of the award. N.B: Second and later editions of previously published texts will not be considered for the Book Prize unless substantial revisions to the book’s contents have occurred. Publishers are urged to contact the Center ( if they have any questions regarding this stipulation.


1989 David Lowenthal, The Past is a Foreign Country
1990 TIE Samuel N. Stokes and A. Elizabeth Watson and others, Saving America’s Countryside: A Guide to Rural Conservation and T. H. Breen, Imagining the Past: East Hampton Histories
1991 Catherine W. Bishir, Charlotte V. Brown, Carl R. Lounsbury and Ernest H. Wood, Architects and Builders in North Carolina: A History of the Practice of Building
1992 Daniel Bluestone, Constructing Chicago
1993 Roy Rosenzweig and Elizabeth Blackmar, The Park and the People: A History of Central Park
1994 Martha K. Norkunas, The Politics of Public Memory: Tourism, History, and Ethnicity in Monterey, California
1995 Carl R. Lounsbury, An Illustrated Glossary of Early Southern Architecture and Landscape
1996 Elizabeth Collins Cromley and Carter Hudgins, Gender, Class, and Shelter: Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture
1997 Mike Wallace, Mickey Mouse History and Other Essays on American Memory
1998 Kenneth E. Foote, Shadowed Ground: America’s Landscapes of Violence and Tragedy
1999 Roy R. Rosenzweig, The Presence of the Past: Popular Uses of History in American Life
2000 Richard Longstreth, The Drive-In, The Supermarket, and The Transformation of Commercial Space in Los Angeles, 1914-1941
2001 Daniel, Reiff, Houses from Books: Treatises, Pattern Books, and Catalogs in American Architecture, 1738-1950
2002 Joseph C. Biggott, From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929
2003 Susan L. Klaus, A Modern Arcadia: Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. and the Plan for Forest Hills Gardens
2004 Nancy S. Seasholes, Gaining Ground, A History of Landmaking in Boston
2005 Alison Isenberg, Downtown America: A History of the Place and the People Who Made It
2006 Stephanie Yuhl,
 A Golden Haze of Memory: The Making of Historic Charleston
2010 Edna E. Kimbro and Julia G. Costello with Tevvy Ball, The California Missions: History, Art, and Preservation
2011 Lois Olcott Price,
 Line, Shade and Shadow
2012 Jeffrey Chusid,
 Saving Wright: The Freeman House and the Preservation of Meaning, Materials, and Modernity
2013 Paul Hardin Kapp & Paul J. Armstrong,
 SynergiCity: Reinventing the Postindustrial City
2014 Francoise Bollack, Old Buildings New Forms
2015 Marta Gutman, A City for Children; Women, Architecture, and the Charitable Landscapes of Oakland, 1850-1950
2016 Barbara Miller Lane,
 Houses for a New World: Builders and Buyers in American Suburbs, 1945-1965
2017 Catherine Fleming Bruce,
 The Sustainers: Being, Building and Doing Good Through Activism in the Sacred Spaces of Civil Rights, Human Rights and Social Movements