Governor’s Challenge 2023

We at the Mary Washington University Center for Economic Education would like to cordially invite your classes to participate in the 2023 Governor’s Challenge in Economics and Personal Finance hosted by the Virginia Council on Economic Education.

We look forward to your possible participation in this program and cannot wait to see your and your students’ success in the areas of Economics and Personal Finance.

Registration is live and the online round of competition begins March 6th.  At your earliest convenience, please take a moment to review the details of the challenge via the link above and the attached flyers.  While registration is open, please note that the links for Nationals are currently being updated.  For current information regarding Nationals please see the following websites: and

As always, there is no charge for your students to participate in the Governor’s Challenge.

There are three divisions of the competition.

  • The Adam Smith Division for students enrolled in an IB, AP, honors, college-level or 2-semester micro/macroeconomics course.
  • The David Ricardo Division for students enrolled in a 1-semester general econ course – including courses taught to satisfy the Economics and Personal Finance requirement – or any course that teaches econ-related content (Government, Business, World Geography) as long as it is not labeled AP, IB, honors, or college level.
  • The Personal Finance Division for students enrolled in a course that includes some personal finance content.
    **Participation in this division is a GREAT way to help prepare your students for the W!se certification exam!**

We would like to thank you for considering participation in The Governor’s Challenge and, again, are so excited to see what is to come for you and your students.  If you have any questions regarding preparing for or participating in The Governor’s Challenge, please feel free to email us.

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